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Dear Sirs/Madams,

The neighbors of the Pavilion in Woodland Hills (which is well under construction now) were told throughout the years and meetings that were held, that a sound wall would be built alongside the alley in the back. This would ensure "some" sort of noise mitigation for the people who have been living on south side of Redwing street. "We are entitled to peaceful and tranquil use of our RA1 zoned neighborhood"

(just in case you are not familiar with the noise ordinances in the State of California, here are some links)

"...Article I. General Provisions

8.68.010 Legislative findings.
A. Excessive, unnecessary or offensive noise within the city is detrimental to the public health, safety, welfare and the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the city and therefore is declared a public nuisance; and
B. Every person in the city is entitled to live in an environment free from excessive, unnecessary or offensive noise levels; and
C. The establishment of maximum permissible noise levels will further the public health, safety, welfare and peace and quiet of county inhabitants. (Prior code § 66.01.101)..."

"....The zoning administrator shall consider all facts relating to whether strict compliance with the requirement of this chapter will cause practical difficulties, unnecessary hardship or unreasonable expense. (Prior code § 66.04.405) 8.68.260..." OH REALLY!!

"California Health and Safety Code



46000. The Legislature hereby finds and declares that:

(a) Excessive noise is a serious hazard to the public health and welfare.

(b) Exposure to certain levels of noise can result in physiological, psychological, and economic damage"........

This whole system that you all work in is really shameful. A bunch of suits with briefcases, pat each other on the back and railroad these projects without any consideration for the neighbors. This is very personal to some of us. I Last city council meeting that was held (November 2008) the council member reminded the Pavillion people "very casually" to take care of it!! He did not give them any conditions or limits.

I cannot understand why a sound wall could not be built with openings for the COUPLE of homes that want access to the alley. Some of these homes are not affected by the noise created by the loading dock at all. Some homes are not even facing the new Pavilion. But our home is directly in front of the proposed dock. We need the wall.

FYI I have contacted several different "Wall Barrier" companies to get an idea of what needs to be done. ALL of them have informed me that NORMALLY the place of business that is causing the noise, has been contacting them, and not the residents. That was truly interesting. Why is it that after all these years that we have been living in this house, because of Pavillions we have to incur such a hardship and expense? They are totally ignoring us.

...........all our concerns and complaints were ignored.....are being ignored.... and will be ignored again UNLESS we do something about it!


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From: ME
To: councilmember.
Sent: Wed, May 9, 2007 7:45:47 PM
Subject: 20 foot wide alley

My neighbors and I have been faced with a somewhat horrifying situation. A "Super Store" is going to open up right behind our homes and what separates us is a 20 foot wide alley. This Super Store intends to bring its "Super Trucks" through that alley and have deliveries from 6am to 11pm daily. We don't mind the Super Store opening a business right behind our homes, what we all are opposed to are the truck deliveries. It will be a huge nuisance in our daily lives.
I have a couple of questions:
1- What rights do we neighbors have to this alley and do we have a say in it?
2- What can we do to make this Super Store change its designs and have a loading dock in the front? Under-ground? On the side of the shopping center?...
How can you help us accomplish this? Please Help us. Our QUALITY OF LIFE is at stake.

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