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I am dealing with the incredible changing credit card payment nightmare!
On 8/15/08 I made arrangements to make a payment in full as I usually do and it was to be withdrawn from my bank account on 8/18/08. Then I received notice later that it had been changed to 8/21/08 payment date. The payment was for $166.04 and I received an email on 8/21/08 stating payment was received.
Only on 9/9/08 it showed as posted on the account statement - it should not have taken 3 weeks to post. At the moment it posted there was insuff. funds, so I was charged.
The bank attempted to post it twice before notifying me 9/12/08 that there was a problem, almost 1 month after it was scheduled to post.
At that time I was emailed and told that I had the wrong account info that caused the delay.( I had not erased that payment info from the Orchard payment info when I added my new account info earlier this year, as I was not aware that it could be erased)
I never changed that account info on my account from the first time I entered it and payments had been made successfully.
Anyway I then thought "OMG, I must have used my old account card that was no longer linked to me." So then I checked and saw that I had used my old account ending in "56" instead of the current account that ends in "50" Meanwhile I had re -sent my previous payment so I would not be in trouble with a late payment, then I tried to cancel that payment and was unsuccessful.
I then tried to make the payment using the correct account # ending in "50" because I knew that the earlier re-sent payment would again go unpaid, because I am no longer liked to that account.
Needless to say after many emails the problem has not been solved. My account, which earlier said those two payments had been made the "56" account, now after I spoke with a CSR, says that the account ending in "50" was the only account used. (so that mysteriously changed) Now I have over $700 worth of Orchard credit card payments attempting to go through on my account ending in "50" causing overdrafts, even though the payment has already gone through. HELP!! They have told me that they have made no errors and will not fix it!
My question is.....If I made the payment from the wrong account, why was it ultimately deducted for the correct account on 9/8/08, without any help from me? Why is my account suddenly showing that all payments were made using the correct account"50", when I had received several emails from the CSR stating that I had initially used the wrong account "56" to make the payment.
It looks to me like Orchard Bank personnel are trying to cover up their errors and trying to make it look as though they were not at fault.
I have bank emails and have copied statements from my account to show that something very fishy is going on.
All I have asked for is that they notify my bank that they made an error causing my overdrafts, so that I do not have $125.00 in overdraft fees. I have not even asked that they give me back the insuff. fund fees they have charged me of about $80.00(which I do think I deserve).
By the way they have also told me that they can not cancel payments that are in the process even though the original payment has gone through, so I now have over $700.00 of payments pending.
I know this is confusing, but have the paper work to show what the problem is. Can anyone Help????

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