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Notification Responsibility For The Rental Office To Inform The Tenant When Car

- fairfax, va

While I was out of town my car was towed from the private garage of my apartment complex. This private garage is always at least more than HALF empty. My car had all the right registrations + TAGS etc., it seems my car was a little beyond the line. Therefore, it was towed at around 2am in the morning + NO tenant had complained.

The towing company notified the apartment complex BUT the apartment complex never notified me. When I returned, I found the car missing and was told it got towed about 10+ days ago. I was asked to pay $850 in CASH in order to get my car back OR I would incur further daily charges ($50/ per day).

It is just one of the annoying incidents that I feel a victim off and feel like my property was NOT safe while I was out of town. NO one in the rental office, took the responsibility to inform me that my car was towed. I was only about an hour away, and could have made arrangements to get my car. Plus, why couldn't the towing company simply tow my car elsewhere in the almost empty garage. I live in one of them most LUXURious apartment complex and I pay a LOT to stay here.

I don't feel I am safe here OR that my property (car) is safe here... PLEASE HELP & ADVICE

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