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No help with ticks - Interceptor

- Brentwood, TN

I have 3 Shih Tzu's and in our climate here in TN the chances of them getting ticks are almost a sure thing.
Preventing ticks is very expensive $!2.00 plus for each tube that lasts 30 days--times three in my case.

Several years ago I found a tick on one of my dogs-they are like our children- and called Bayer Animal Health in Kansas City. The "customer service rep" thought she put me on hold and said to another representative "I am tired of dealing with assholes on Monday". Her boss couldn't have been nicer after I told her what happened.

The second time I had trouble with their product there wasn't a problem.

But when I called them on Tuesday- after I found a tick the size of a pencil eraser hidden by the dog's hair on his upper lip and when I pulled it off the bloody hole was the size of pencil lead- I was upset and not only did I get a representative who could care less, but the woman she transferred me to was even less helpful.

I took the dog to the vet-$48.00.

When I got home the "customer service rep" had gotten me so upset that I called Bayer US Headquarters in Pittsburgh. I talked to the president's secretary and she sent a note to the animal health people in Kansas City.

Two days and counting later still no call from Bayer.

I called Pet Meds-they not only refunded the entire order and provided a no cost return envelope, but couldn't have been nicer.

Bayer animal health doesn't care-why would they hire people for customer problems who could care less about animals.
I will no longer buy ANY Bayer product but have already ordered tick medication from Frontline.

Great way to run a business.

People should be aware of a companies customer service.

Miles Hession
Brentwood, TN

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