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No Credit for Returned Watch - Jewelry Sales

- Westfield Culver City Mall, 6000 Sepulveda Bl., #1410, Culver City, CA 90230

On October 30, 2010 I bought a watch for a birthday present for myself from Romano's Jewelers. At the time of the sale I unwillingly signed a statement that there are no refunds on their products. I was told that the reason that the store required this is so that people don't buy the watch, wear it for a time and return it. I did not expect a problem with the watch and was not going to return it, so I signed the statement. I own 30 other watches and am a collector of fashion and other watches.

On October 31 I returned the watch to have plastic coating removed from chains on the watch as I tried and did not feel I could do this without perhaps damaging the chains.

On October 31, 2010 I wore the watch for the first time ane found the watch to be defective.

I immediately phoned the store where I purchsed the item requesting a refund because I had not worn the watch for 20 minutes befor realizing that the hands were locked up and not moving.

The store stated that they would not give a refund and would not take back the watch, only for repairs or replacement.

Three bezels from the interior dials of the watch came off the watch face and wrapped themselves over the hands of the watch preventing the hands from moving.

At that time not being familiar with the watch brand and feeling that a replacement watch of the same model and make would also give problems, I wanted a refund. The store did at that time, verbally offer repair or exchange for a different watch. I did not want a repair completed on the watch as I purchased a new watch and I did not want a different replacement because I wanted the watch which I purchased but again was worried of the quality of the watch.

I contacted the credit card bank, US Bank, whose credit care I used to purchase the watch and the service representative, after I explained my situation to, recommended that I return the watch.

Realizing that the company would not take the watch back willingly, I had a fellow worker accompany me on November 3, 2010 to the store and sign an affidavit that I returned the watch in the original condition and the original packaging.

I was correct in my assumption as the employees emphatically stated that they could not give me a receipt for the watch. I left the watch on the counter in their care with the signed proof of service and left the store as the employees were becoming rude.

I have since phoned the corporate office a few times, and written to the store, the corporate office and recently to another customer service person who I have discovered. I have written letters on November 3, 2010,February 27, 2011, March 27,2011 and April 17, 2011 and have received not a word of response from any of the three mail recipients.

Can you help me attempt to resolve this problem. Romano's has my money and their watch.

Thank you,

Henry Buchhardt

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