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Nextel Misrepresented Terms of Service TWICE in 7 months

I began with Nextel in January, 2006. When I started with them they told me that I had to have a $100. security deposit on my account because my credit is not so great.
Ok... I agreed. No big deal

I ordered my i265 phone and when it got to my house I called to get it activated.

I was told that to get my phone activated I would have to pay $150. to get it activated.

I was angry about that because no one told me this ahead of time.

Ok. I have poor credit. So, I went ahead and paid the extra $150. for a total of $250. in deposits before my service became active.

It is now August, 2006. I called Nextel yesterday (8/22/06)to get another phone on my contract. I needed two phones on the same line. I upgraded from 800 minutes per month to their 'Buisness 3000' Plan. That would have given me 3000 minutes for each phone. This upgrade required a new two year commitment, plus the one year commitment that I have left on the original contract. I said ok.

The woman on the phone (Christine) told me that there was No Problem for me to upgrade. She told me that all they needed to do is sell me another i265 phone for $49.99 plus a $25.00 service fee, and that the charges would come out of my security deposit and that they would bill me for all of that in my next bill. My phone bill balance was up-to-date, as it has been each month since January, 2006.

Today, August 23, 2006 my new Nextel phone came to my home. When I called Nextel to activate the phone I was told that they could not activate the phone until I paid them $100. more as a security deposit.

I told them to cancel my phone service altogether.

They are now going to keep my security deposit and try to bill me $200. for cancelation of my Nextel account.

A Nextel customer rep. began telling me that if my credit wasn't so bad I wouldn't be having this problem.
The issue wasn't my credit. The issue is Nextel failing to tell me that I would have to pay another $100. in security deposits to get the second phone activated. That was never mentioned over the phone when I upgraded service.

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