First Data/Payment Systems Complaint

My small business in being victimized by my credit card processor. - Merchant service/credit card processor.

- Los Angeles, CA

The company First Data Independent Sales and its associated Independent Sales Operation, Payment Systems is engaging in deceptive and abusive practices by convincing small business owner to enter into complicated contractual agreements for the lease of equipment and associated merchant/credit card processing services. Once customers sign up they begin debiting their checking accounts for hundreds of dollars in excess fees. When challenged, their customer service representatives claim that these overages are due to computer errors which they are attempting to resolve, then they explain that the funds will be credited back into your accounts weeks later. If you initiate disputes with your banking institutions for the unauthorized amounts, they will hold all future deposits owed until they are able to withdraw the initial funds. Their representatives give you conflicting information, refuse to put anything in writing, refuse to put you in contact with managers or supervisors, or transfer you to automated voice mail boxes to leave messages which are never returned, regarding urgent issues which are never addressed or take weeks to resolve. Then, when you request cancellation of your accounts, they impose hundreds of dollars in "early cancellation" fees, and thousands of dollars in lease term payoff requirements for equipment which was presented as a package deal for services you wind up being extremely unhappy with. No small business can afford for their merchant provider to make hundreds of dollars in erroneous debits due to "computer error" or for any other reason month after month, only to then take weeks to remit the credits of those same funds back to the customer. This company is now refusing to deposit thousands of dollars in sales transactions which belong to us, continuing to attempt to collect fees they are not owed, and threatening thousands more in fees to cancel our accounts. Do not believe anything a sales representative from First Data or it's affiliates tells you. Please read your contract thoroughly, and consider it carefully before signing. Save yourself the time, frustration, aggravation, emotional distress and financial cost of dealing with these companies. I wish I had! I am so frustrated and I feel like there's no way out of this situation. I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and I have contacted an attorney seeking legal advice. I have wasted so much time and energy dealing with this situation and I have still gotten nowhere. I am losing business because I cannot currently accept credit cards because I am afraid this company will never release the funds. I need help.

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