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Money Order Scam - Mystery Shopper

Back in April I had been trolling the web looking for on-line work when I came across a mystery shopper job. They were to send me a check, I was to cash it, and then wire some money overseas. I had specifically told them to send it USPS but they sent it UPS and while tracking it UPS stopped the shipment and indicated it was a fraud. Once I saw that, I emailed the company told them I was no longer interested.
Today, May 31, I received a USPS delivery with a money order and instructions to cash it, take 10%, and proceed to wire the funds to Kathy Green in the Philippines. Immediately I looked on-line and saw that this too was a scam. One woman deposited the funds and suddenly money was being taken out of her account. I called the number on the instructions and asked where to return it. I was hung up on. Save yourself the time...

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