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money card network SCAM - card service you recive paycheck on.

- Wendell, Nc

I have been employed with same employer for 6 months, this company pays you each week through a card titled Money Network. The card company requested I do an upgrade on my card and how it would be the greatest. One month after I upgrade the card, all of a sudden there is a hold on my account in which I am unable to use any of the money I received on my paycheck(paycheck direct deposits to money network 12:01am every Sunday)for the Friday before, this happen Monday 14, 2009, I called and was informed I needed to fax in a copy of my social security card as well as a copy of my ID. After scrounging around for the $4.50 to fax this paper work they claimed they never received it even though I have a confirmation number and a paper printed out stating that the fax was successfully sent with time and date. I then asked if they could wire me some of my money since I had not 1.00 dollar to my name seen how it is all on the card, they told me no, but that was all they were going to need and once they received it they would take the hold off. Tuesday I sent yet another fax same thing same way same amount of money and they claimed to have gotten that one, but needed 24 hours to make sure it was "real". Wednesday I call and ask about the progress of my account and they inform me I then needed to fax in proof of address( keep in mind they specifically stated they did NOT need proof of address) and if I could fax in a copy of my leas or power bill in my name, which neither are in my name, they're in my boyfriends name. I do however have a AT&T internet/phone bill in my name and they said that was unacceptable, I then asked them what do they suggest I do then since I don't have any of those two in my name the supervisor replied "figure it out" and proceeded to transfer me back to the original CSR. Thursday comes and my employer decides to solve the problem and calls the card company just to get dicked around like they did to me. She faxed in my copies of id and ss, they said thats all they needed. Friday they claimed they didn't receive the fax and they needed her to send it again as well as proof of address and also stated that the AT&T bill would be just fine. She faxed all the information and 5 1/2 hours later after talking back and forth with these people they decided the bill was not acceptable anymore and needed something else or I would have to close the account and they could mail the 450.00 dollars to me, I would receive it in 7 to 10 business days after already having gone 5 days without any money that I worked very hard for, NOT to mention I have a 2/1/2 year old little boy who like other kids go through diapers/pull ups like a camel. And the other obvious thing I needed but couldn't buy was food for me and my child, and gas to go to work and make more money that I couldn't spend. It is now Saturday I just got off the phone trying to close the account and they now need ANOTHER fax to close the account. And money. But maybe I should just FIGURE IT OUT as the supervisorn stated I needed to do. Please help me, I don't want anyone else to have to go through this

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Reader Comments:

Posted by pianohands2 on 07/01/2012
Wow I want to share my story and everyone will be shocked::
So I'm sitting at home in Connecticut and my husband is at work. I check the card online and the very night before at 11:50pm someone wiped out my card of 246.08 in a store called meijer in Michigan

I was so upset, I didn't even know what to do. Like everyone else I work hard for my money and my husband and I don't make a lot of it. I called money network and they said they couldn't do anything because it's in a "pending" status. Even though other banks will cancel it if it is deemed suspicious.

I bought something that night at 6:40pm in CT and filed a police report the next day. So there telling me, I flew to Michigan to spend the rest of my money and flew back, all within a 24 hour period?

And then of course things get worse...

One rep tells me that they could fax me something. So I drove a half hour so that I could get to my aunts house where a fax machine is. I call them and they say "oh we don't fax anything, but you can fax us with an affidavit"

So I fax the affidavit, call back to make sure they received it, and they say we won't know for 24-72 hours.

So I'm mad but I wait 3 days and call back and they say "oh no we never received anything but they sent you something in the mail"

Then I ask for a supervisor and she says "we are giving you a new card and when that card comes in the mail, it will DEFINITELY have the money on it that was missing"

Of course when I got the card in the mail no money was on it and the supervisor lied to me. So the question is how do I know if I fax this thing that they will get it?


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