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modifying my loan - modifying my loan

I have been trying to modify my loan by my bank (chase)I have two loan, and since I work at hospital, I have totravel sometime and I own one bedroom apartment and a house whichI have rented to my brother and partly I live in,,,I have modifyied my loan since January 2011,and my loan both are interest only, approx %6.35, since economy has been bad I don't do overtime or weekend calls and my properties values has gone down, I worked 7 days a week by mself to buy property make my future, I even cash out my 401k & put it as down payment, value of both propeties gone down %50,,I have send all my document 5 to 6 times to bank I even paid this mortgage guy to do my paperwork, cost me each $1950 to do my paperwork and help me with my modify, which was a ripe off, sinceww I was despread to get help..any way the last time I send all documents again, they told me it will be rewiewd and let me know,,, I have been calling chase almost everyday, no respond finally last week Thursday I got a notice from bank to put my house by Oct 27th on auction, not notice that they are missing any documents, or rejection for modifying or give me a choice of keeping or putting my house for short sale, I am a good citizen, I pay all my bills on time I make a decent money, and very responsible,,all I am asking for a better loan I can't pay only interest while value of house is going down everyday,,I am very despread get help to keep my house, I put sooo much effort financially and physically and mentally, I am helping my parents also, and they are staying partly with me and partly with my brother, I guess theis is their system to take people"s house to put it on auction and get cash on it, then get their money from insurance as lost,,somebody has to stop them,,,thanks a million hope you guys can help me and other people like me that they are despread

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