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You have no voice in Mobile AL

- Mobile AL

A formal complaint June 1, 2008

Civil Rights where did it go?

A place where people like me have no voice, here there are no strengths of pride and integrities among people.

The people at the Mobile Police Department, has failed to react responsibly to my numerous request for their assistance regarding a homesteaded property located at 1067 Cottrell Street , in Mobile AL 36605

In 2001, the state of Alabama had placed a lien against my grandmother’s property and it was about to be taken away form my family, I return to Mobile to reclaim it. My name is Winnie Diggs, this report will be include in an up coming book.

The night mare started for me in 2002, I put my heart, soul, and about 15,000.00 cash, + I bought to my grandma’s house everything I owned. Coming to Mobile AL , from a cultural climate like California , was a cultural shock.

In 2003-2004 I had to leave Mobile to get back to California for several family emergencies. I locked the doors to the house in Mobile and posted no trespassing on all four sides of the house. Yet, someone moved into my house with all my stuff and my mother’s antique furnishings still in the house. I sent e-mails, faxes, and wrote letters to Mobile to try to get help. The one response I received was from Lt. Neno who referred me to a Lt. Reed. I provided copies of my signature, my driver’s license and copy of the tax deed to the house, the property address and my California home telephone number. When Lt Reed went to the house he requested no ID, no SS# to run, nor did he complete a report to identify the intruder. Lt Reed did called me and said I would need to “come back to Mobile to start eviction procedures”. Lt Reed also said that “things like that always happen in “those area”, and it does. Owning a house in Mobile is not an investment, for some it is a prison of liabilities and the American Night Mare.

My house was taken and it was nothing I could do, according to Lt Reed, except file an eviction notice, which I had to do form within Mobile Alabama . The South is living up to it reputation, “black complacency, white controlled”

2004-2006 I was in California going thru a divorce, bankruptcy, and a major law suit. I was writing and calling about the property in Mobile to city officials. I even wrote to Marilyn Wood because while I was not allowed position of the property I was being billed by the City of Mobile to clean up the property. I was also sent during that time, a tax bill of $1100.00. Here’s a formula for you….The authorities encumbering outrageous liabilities forcing costly legal expenses = financial sabotage and community annihilation. (The official(s) decided to let the intruder take the property + I’ve got to go to court and fight to get my property back + pay the city in the interim. I was told emphatically by the Deputy chief Williams that I should not expect any type of victims assistance nor restitution for my lost.

No wonder people abandon properties here in this community.

****************If this is justice then this law need to be challenged.*************

No expectation of protection from those we pay to protect our properties and us.

Relinquish, struggle, and pay, happens everyday in some communities. With the help of those who are too afraid to stand up for what they know to be right.

Social and economic sabotage will continue as long as we remain complacent.

It was once “the law” to punish a nation of people for learning to read. Now there are “laws” in place to assure economic oppression because you can’t read or lack sufficient education.

******************Just because it’s the law doesn’t make it right.*************

In Oct 2006 when I was able to get back to Mobile , The house was destroyed, everything of value was taken and the rest pile in room like garbage. The awnings was taken off he side of the house, the pipes was stolen from under the house. The Front and back doors were thorn away from the hinges, the windows were cracked and broken, the beautiful hard wood floors were destroyed.

On my return I first tried to set up a meeting with Lt Reed since he was the one who decided to OK the residency of the intruder. Lt Reed refused to meet with me. Lt Reed is a part of the Mobile Police Department so I went there to see if I could get help. In Nov 2006 I spoke to a detective Brooks. Brooks made out a police report but it was not what I had said, so I went to the supervisor of the department and he laugh, the report was not changed. (by the way the supervisor is African American).

Major Rogers – A criminal investigator of the Mobile Police Department did talk with me in March of 2007 he said he would investigate and contact me later ( Rogers is African American). I made calls to Major Rogers for 4-5 months never got one call back. I wrote a letter to Mobile ’s Mayor no response (also African American). In September 2007 sent e-mail, a fax, dropped by and phoned DA Greers’ office. I sent numerous faxes and sent at least ½ dozen registered letters, going into details with each official but still no call or letter of response. Around Dec. 2007, I went back to the DA’s office spoke to Jennifer Carlilsle. Jennifer said she would get my information to the right person and they would contact me still nothing, no call or letter. The first part of 2008 I Went to Internal affairs at the police station Lt, Dixon , Lt Young and Lt Little, of Mobile ’s Police Internal Affairs had no response and was very condescending. I had sent numerous faxes trying to set up meeting with Chief Garrett I decided to just go by the police department. I was met by Chief Garrett’s secretary and was directed to Deputy Chief Hargrove who talked with me that day. Chief Hargrove said he would contact me later that week after he look into reasons for none communications. Chief Hargrove, did say I shouldn’t expect any restitution for my loss, and I’m still waiting for his call back. Deputy Chief Williams and Deputy Chief Barber, (both of whom failed to follow thru with returning my call and giving reason for the Police Department’s blatant disregard. Again I tried to set up a meeting with Police Chief Garrett, his secretary continues to direct me else where.

In May 14th of 2008, I attempted to contact, Chief Garrett and I was directed to Deputy Chief Barbara by Deputy Chief Williams. Williams reluctantly said he would to come to my house and complete a report. I can’t help but feel that he new that this would not help me identify the person(s) who violated my property back in 2004, for one, I live in the house now. Deputy Chief Williams told me “ Chief Garrett was too busy to speak to me, and that there was nothing to be done about my loss. After refusing to transfer back to Garrett’s office Williams said he would set and appointment with Reed’s supervisor Deputy Chief Barber, that was over 3 weeks ago and still nothing.

My expectation of protection by the police has been compromised. At the very least I deserve assistance in my pursuit of justice:

Lt Reed should take responsibility for his inappropriate actions

Neglecting to get the thief’s I D providing proof of who occupied the house.

Neglecting to make out a report when he answered the call and caught the intruder at my house.

Obtaining the intruder’s social security number to look up his back ground info.

this would have allow me the evidence to pursue the matter further Instead I have been left with no legal recourse

Why does the head of Mobile Police Department set the tone for this type

of extortion? Say nothing and doing even less, keep the struggles in the poor communities.

Has some ”law” been put in to place to allow certain crimes in certain communities?

I have been subjected to appalling treatment, opposition and disrespect from the Mobile police department.

I would be disappointed in myself if I let this treatment intimidate me. My loss is a tragedy that I want to be reasoned with, instead of ignored. Not for my sake alone, but for the sake of those to come after me.

By ignoring this you force good people to leave neighborhoods, that would other wise flourish. You force good people to abandon their homes and suffer loss of credit and life times of investments. You force good people to give up on trusting that the police will do the right thing at some point. You cause the property value to decrease instead of increase in the low income communities. You are frustrating the system by hiding behind these laws. Every one that I have spoken to at the Mobile Police Department is sitting the tone for this move against humanity by doing nothing.

I have warned my love ones that if something happens to me to look to the powers to be. I have to say though that I rather stand for justice, than to cower to complacency and give in to tyrants.

Who among you truly stand for justice. We pay taxes too.

Winnie Diggs (251) 650-4195

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