Madera rescue mission Complaint

Mission / homeless shelter-refuse homeless? - Provide the community with help if have means

- Mad town USA

Facility not doing what the church says, favoritizims, change rules to fit their own personal power. I've been going to this rescue mission for awhile now and things just aren't what they appear to be. I've noticed a lot of consistencys with rules and the way a mission ( suppose to be a safe place ) is ran. I've been getting harassed told to do certain things, they apparently were told that I had drugs on me and that I've been selling upstairs where us men sleep, every night. They were told that I had them on me and stopped me while I was entering the mission, they took me aside to the office and proceeded to question me, they said that they were told that I was selling drugs to other homeless men in the shelter, and that I had marijuana on me right then, they also asked if I was using the mission to pedal drugs I said no then they said that if I wanted to go upstairs to shower and sleep, that I had to let them search me and my bags. I told them that with out asking me or telling them an answer they already had me guilty. I told them they can't search me because for one they just assumed and believed the other person before asking me. Second they had told me I couldn't eat or shower or get my bed I use, unless I let them search. I said no to them and said that was messed up I started to just leave and not let them search but The Lord said no let them, I said f it here you go, you want to search I let them pat me down and empty my bag,,, they found nothing, they said that that was good they didn't find anything and I could go upstairs now. I was so humiliated and embarrasssed and pissed I just said no, well the next 5 days something new was being told I couldn't do or have. . The last straw is kicking me out of mission because I stood up for myself and told them they were wrong. Now I'm homeless and the homeless shelter kicked me out, I've been in the freezing rain sleeping in tent and they still won't help out like the bible says. Anyways if you want more info contact me thanks, frustrated and confused!!!

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