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- Woodlawn Tn

I am writing this evening regarding the unethical business practices of Direct TV. I have been reading all the consumer reports and the nightmares others have experienced with this so called company. After having outstanding payment practices with this company over several years I had to cancel service due to having the need for a fast internet service. In order to avoid multiple providers I changed my service to a local cable company. I returned to Direct TV all the equipment they had installed in my home and waited for the last bill to be drafted from my account. What I experienced to my surprise was the final bill drafting and then a month later receiving a bill for $136.23. I phoned the company and was told this was for early cancellation and they stated I had 3 ppv movies that were found on the box from several months previously. I asked if we had rented them months before why were they charging for movies now after all this time. And I also wanted to know why I was being charged an early cancellation fee when I have had service with them for over 3 years of. They stated that I had equipment upgrade and I was responsible for paying for the early cancellation for that upgrade. I asked when that was authorized and where was the signed contract for such an upgrade. I was told that it was done over the phone I then requested to listen to the recorded authorization I then informed by the representative that the calls were only recorded for training purposes. I then told them that with out some type of proof they would never receive a payment for me.

Well after 2 years I receive a phone call today stating that they were wanting to settle the account for a lower sum I once again argued my case and the collection agent got Direct on the line they once again explained to me the charges and I once again told them to provide me with the signed agreement or phone call stating that I had authorized any upgrade and agreed to additional charges I was told once again that the phone calls were recorded for only training purposes and that I should have looked at the back of any billing I received to find out that I was to be charged any early cancellation fees. I once again stated to them how would that in anyway show that I authorized the charges. I was then told they would not provide the information I was needing because they did not have it to provide. I was then told by the collection agent that if I did not settle this account they would be reporting it and it would then reflect on my credit. I was so irate at this point I paid the lower amount so as it would not be held against me. I think that this is nothing less than extortion! I feel for anyone who may have any dealings with this company and I will make sure anyone I come in contact with knows never to have any dealings with them. Oh and by the way I work for a local utility company and daily new customers ask which cable/satellite provider is the best to have. Well you know now it will never be Direct TV as an answer.

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