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met all home modifacation criterior

My home modifacation process started October,2010 and after
3 months of waiting a person from the bank called and said he was my advocate and would be representng me and then proceeded to tell me what I would need to fax to the bank,
which I did and I have proof of by a fax read out.
after waitng another 6 weeks and making numerous phone calls to the advocate's voicemail he could never be reached to speak to, I received a letter stating that my documents were not received in time and that I had been denied because of this. I then called the bank at their modication department and was told that all the documents were there and were received in the time required and that he would put an appeal in and that there should be no problem as all documents were received on time, well the appeal was denied. Now I sit here wondering was it my advocates fault, he now has been sent another department and cannot be reached or am I just getting a the run arround as a modifaction really does not exist.

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