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Check with the Neighbors. - Building Materials

- Escanaba, MI

After a total remodel of our home in Escanaba my wife and I had a few odds and ends to finish up so we picked up the phone and called Menards to order those few last minute things to finish the project that we had started. This should not have been out of the ordinary because we had ordered several thousand dollars of building materials over the last few month some of it from Menards. In the past those orders from Menards were delivered problem free so we had no reason to doubt that this smaller order of $715.00 worth of building materials and delivery charges would be any different. Oh were we in for a surprise.

After waiting for 3 weeks because it was a special order ( that was paid in full up front)my wife called to find out what was going on with the delivery and they told her it was scheduled for the next day between 7:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. but they could not give her an exact time. Two days later she calls back and asks " Where is our Delivery" and Kevin, told her that he thought it was delivered but he would check on it. A few hours later kevin calls back and said " I check with my manager and he says the delivery has been made and you should check with your neighbors to see if they received it." Needless to say I made the next call and asked for the Store Manager. I was connected to Tim the "Store Manager." After sharing my story with him and explaining that we just wanted our building materials he told me he was aware of the situation and that when we ordered the materials we gave bad directions and that we have no house numbers displayed so most likely it was delivered to a neighbor and there was nothing else he could do and he is the top manager at the store so there is nobody else you can talk to.

In summary My house numbers are displayed on both my mail box and my front deck. I guess I will have to check with all my neighbors (who do not have house numbers displayed) to find out if they have the building materials that I paid to have delivered to my house.

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