Michael & Rose Morosin Complaint

Malicious Landlord Wreaks Havok on Small Business - Commercial Landlord

- Morro Bay CA San Luis Obispo County

We chose Morro Bay to relocate our family because of the previous experiences of town togetherness, friendly people, and prosperous businesses. We moved here in 2008 and made our lifelong dream of owning our own unique business a reality. We found what we thought was a heaven sent landlord, but that changed nearly over night. We found a poor looking eyesore of a building, had a vision and made it a reality. We poured our hearts, souls, sweat and eventually our entire savings into the renovation. The Landlord Michael Morison, was full of promises that to date he has failed to fulfill. This man feels that he is untouchable because of his money, and his successful business in Hong Kong. However, I am sure there are more people than not that can sympathize with the small business owners, trying to live out their dreams. After the original signing of the lease in July of 2008 with the lease date starting the following month, the landlord decided that he wanted to avoid all the fees and dealing with “headaches” as he called them, of city officials by having all of the work performed by unlicensed work crews and mainly on Sunday afternoons. We disputed this; however he continued to do so. We worked out an agreement to do some of the labor to make the renovation faster. Due to unforeseen problems the roof had to be replaced, and only on a Sunday of course, so we were then pushed into an expected opening date of September. At this point we were starting to worry about how we were going to continue without opening as we were living off what was left of our small savings, but continued to stay positive with encouragement from Mike. We were reassured that the building would be ready to be handed over in a functional, legally operable manner on Sept. 1, 2008. September came and went with less available communication with Mike and we started to approach October. We had no other option but to fully step in and take over the completion of the building or loose everything we had already put into it by walking away. We had our floor installed and moved all of our equipment the first week of October 2008. Since then we have continued to improve the condition of the building. We have turned a homely building into a beautiful successful business. We have attempted to collect the monies owed to us for the supplies and labor from the landlord, but our efforts have been unsuccessful. He disputes all the charges even though we have receipts showing the electrical and ADA compliance repairs, which he as a landlord is responsible for. I would in fact think that ANY landlord would be appreciative to have tenants who care about the condition of the building they occupy. We have people from all around the county who come in compliment us daily on the cleanliness and professionalism of our business. We carry high expectations of what a business should look, and be conducted like and due to the fact that we have invested all of our life savings into a landlord neglected building leaves us with our hands tied. This man has taken all of our hopes and dreams and crushed them. He may have unlimited amounts of money but we, the small people, do not have that luxury and are paying the price for it. It is unfortunate that the city of Morro Bay and county of San Luis Obispo has allowed all of this to take place, after numerous complaints. Needless to say the dream we ventured out to make come true has turned into a complete nightmare that we live out daily.

Sincerely and with hope for help

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