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- 11280 Pebble Hills Blvd El Paso, Tx 79936

Sand Pebble Management,

I am writing this final letter about the maintenance issues I have had in my apartment (APT 34). Upon researching your apartments on line, I have learned that this is nothing new to you and you have had several complaints, I am not surprised.
I have written several letters to you and called several times about the issues in my apartment, since September, that is over 3 months and more than sufficient time to correct the issues. I do not expect that anything will ever be fixed so, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I do not give up easily.
I really believed after I placed the broken door in front of my apartment you might take the hint, especially since I spoke with you on the phone and let you know, that you might actually do something this time.
I pay my rent on time and never cause problems. I do my part and it is time you were held accountable for yours.
The following items were turned into your office for maintenance on September 1st 2009:
• Bedroom door to left broken
• Bathroom door to left going to break
• Bathroom cabinet door to left came off
• Bathroom to left toilet paper roll broken
• Dishwasher broken
• Backdoor frame cracked
• Bathroom to right toilet paper roll broken
• Bathroom to right shower rod broken
• Bathroom to right soap dish broken
• Bathroom to right toothbrush holder broken
These things are due to cheap materials and drywall not properly installed.

I will be forwarding this letter to the military and the BBB. The website you provided for complaints is not valid but, I will find one that is.

Anna Regalado
11280 Pebble hills Blvd
El Paso, Tx 79936
* I also have pictures of the broken door in front of my apartment

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