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Mad Men crammed down my throat - Mad Men

Every time I watch anything on AMC they are CONSTANTLY pushing adds for the series "Mad Men" on the audience. The commercials for this show are sexually explicit even to the point of putting a half naked female walking into the lower left hand corner of the screen DURING the movie that my family and I are trying to enjoy. This is so offensive to me and my family!!! We are so offended by these adds which are continuously running repeatedly though out the evening, we have vowed NEVER to watch a single episode of "Mad Men"! But now it seems that to get away from these nasty commercials we need to end our AMC viewing. We refuse to be badgered by AMCs overly forceful and in your face commercials for this channel.

I know that I'm probably wasting my time sending this. Just because we have free speech doesn't give us the right to abuse and miss use it!

Amy White

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