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- Indianapolis, IN

I have received this letter via email after demanding the info be put in writing.
They hound me relentlessly via phone calls demanding when the money will be sent.

Here is the email letter:

Mega million Sweepstakes and lottery Company Inc.
Mega million International Lottery& Sweepstakes Inc., Customer Service, Las Vegas Nevada An Affiliate of The Las Vegas Dream Foundation. Arena Complex Km 18 Route de Rufisque, I. P.P Award Department.

Dear MS Mxxx Xxxx
Tel #: 1876, 281-1509
We happily announce to you the draw of February, 2011 mega million International Lottery & Sweepstakes Program held in Las Vegas Nevada 303 Crossings Road, which subsequently won you the third place prize of US$2.5 M (TWO Million five hundred United States Dollars) in a certified cashiers cheque and US $ 8,500 in raw green cash for paying all your Monthly bills on time for the month of January 2011.
You and 2 other participants in this lottery program from your State were selected randomly through a computer ballot system, drawn from individual residence address. Your residence address was picked up by the automated computer ballot system, which has been programmed for this random selection. This has eventually qualified you for the winnings. This promotional program takes place monthly, and is promoted and sponsored by prominent personalities, Sultan of Brunei, Bloomberg Inc., with the support of European corporate companies and organizations to encourage the use of Internet and computers worldwide.
In view of your claims receipt which has on the 10 digit code which is needed and your valid identification card, your US$2.5 M cheque would be released to you by Mr. Ricky Thompson from the U. P.S delivery services and Mr. David Washington from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The claiming receipt is needed to avoid double claim by unscrupulous elements. To get a claiming receipt you only need a drop in the bucket of us $275.00 which is refundable once the code is processed. You will pay the drop in the bucket along with the claims application form that has is to be filled out with your signature trough the Western Union. Once the financial manager receives the cash the receipt will be mailed back to you with your 10 digit claiming code which you will present to Mr. Ricky Thompson when he comes over for the presentation. For security purposes and clarity we advice that you keep your winning information confidential, until the claiming of your package is fully processed. Before the payment is made you should contact Mr. David Washington who is the claims agent.
BE WARNED! Anyone who calls you or who you call must provide you with the security code (112 in god bless America).
Your winning details can only be released to your fiduciary agent who will commence the process of your winnings. This is to avoid wrong and double claim, and it is also part of our security protocol to avoid unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous persons. You are requested to contact Our American Fiduciary Agent for your claim. Please note that all winnings must be claimed not later than one month after the date of this winning notification. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications make sure that your winning details are quoted correctly in all correspondence.
All information given above will be kept secret.
Special congratulations and we hope you spend your money wisely when you receive.
Yours truly
rev. Andrea king
Finance Manager Super American Powerball.
Tel: 1876, 281-1509

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