Little River Respiratory Care Inc. Complaint

Bank Fraud X 3 - Home Medical Equipment

- Little River, SC

I am a small business owner, I have been in business since 1999. In 2001 I opened an office in Mesa AZ. In 2006 an ex-employee (at that time an employee,) decided to steal my business. I discovered that in 2005 she opened a bank account in my corporate name (stole appx. $500,000.00 Plus)
2006 she opened two more (stole several more thousand dollars. These are major banks in the US. I have subpoened bank records and now the banks are trying to say that I knew about these accounts and they are not going to pay my money back. My business here is small and I cannot afford an attorney to fight the banks so I am trying to notify anyone I can to get my money back. Please help me.
Thank You

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