Royce Watson, Kennebec Realty LLC and Kennebec Property Management, LLC and Davi Complaint

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Attorney Conspiring to Hide Environmental Hazards - Fraudulent Unconscionable Contract, Illegal Residential Rental Agreement, Retaliatory Eviction, Unla

- Augusta Maine

I answered an ad on craigslist in December 2009 which was placed by Royce Watson, Kennebec Realty LLC and Kennebec Property Management, LLC, in Augusta Maine, who fraudulently advertised an illegal and unlicensed 1-bedroom apartment for rent in a building which has a seriously substandard foundation which is cracked and allows significant flooding in the basement which has happened no less than 4 times in the past 2 years and which destroyed a washer and dryer which was owned by another tenant on the property in the last part of 2010. Those tenants moved off the property in March 2011 partly due to the seriously substandard conditions of the property and the health and safety hazards which Royce Watson knowingly, willfully, and maliciously allowed to continue. Another flood on April 17, 2011 required the City of Augusta Fire Department to respond to my 911 call because the two (2) feet of water in the basement smothered the oil furnace which was still electrified and which was sending carbon monoxide throughout the building and which I was exposed to as I was sleeping in my upstairs apartment. There were no other tenants on the property at that time nor were there any CO2 detectors ANYWHERE on the property. Royce Watson has NEVER had any type of inspection of the foundation or nor has he attempted to fix any other health and safety hazards occurring on the property.

I made a complaint to the landlord, Royce Watson, on September 28, 2011 about an active hazardous oil leak occurring in the basement of 239 Cony Street, Augusta, Maine, and which Royce Watson has willfully, knowingly and maliciously refused to remedy. Instead of immediately remedying the active oil leak on the property, Royce Watson served me with fraudulent and unlawful eviction papers, a "Notice to Quit", on September 30, 2011, only 48hrs after he was told about the safety hazard.

I have made numerous complaints to numerous governmental and private organizations and have still found nobody to help remedy the active oil leak occurring in Augusta Maine and which is poisioning the entire neighborhood.

I have uploaded two videos which were created of my attempts to get help with this problem.

The first video is an audio recording of the City of Augusta City Council Informational Meeting at which I testified on Thursday, February 23, 2012 and which I have mixed with various photographs of my rented property and other pertinent information. That video can be found here: http://peacivids.

The second video is my attempt to get my local newspaper, the Kennebec Journal in Augusta Maine, to take my story and expose the serious community issue which is actively endangering the health and safety of the entire neighborhood. That video can be found here: http://peacivids.

I need a consumer advocate to report this story. There are hundreds of other tenants at risk of being abused by Royce Watson because he personally owns 13 rental residential properties in the City of Augusta Maine only, not to include the countless properties owned by other people which he brokers and/or manages and which exposes thousands of other especially-susceptible clientèle to Royce Watson's unlawful abuse.

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