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Left High and Dry from my Dry Cleaners - Giving away clothes

- 3220 Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas Tx 75204

On June 30, 2011 I dropped off 5 shirts, 1 suit pants, I pair of linen shorts off at my dry cleaners. On Aug 12th 2011 I went back to pick up my items and also to drop off more items for cleaning. They told me that I didn't have any clothes there ... I figured my partner had picked them up and they were hanging safely in my closet. Well that was not the case. After further investigation, the cleaners have given away my clothes without a phone call to myself as a reminder that we have clothes there to be picked up. Those clothes were very nice shirts I paid over 175 for and my suit pant that was a part of a suit bought in Italy. The owner Joe told me that after 30 days they give clothes away without calling customers. He said that he is not a storage unit for his customers and also he keeps his prices lower than competitors by not calling customers with curtesy calls. BTW- I travel a lot for business and gone for three weeks or more at a time. I have been there for over 6 years now and never have had a problem. The owner is not willing to change his policy or willing to reimburse me. I'm sure someone had their eye on my clothes... very very very nice shirts.... BTW I just went to pick up my clothes from Aug 12 and he had that item still there.. AFTER 30 DAYS>>>>
What can I do?
Scott Hebert

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