Kroger/Ralphs Complaint

Pet & Wine Reward Programs Terminated! - Pet & Wine Reward Certificates

- Los Angeles, California

Recently, ralphs grocery stores have terminated their pet, wine, and senior rewards programs and have replaced them with a new rewards program. No one can be sure of why they did this, some might guess that it was the result of the way they rewarded their customers, or didn't reward them. The biggest concern with this termination of these reward programs is that their still exist millions of dollars in unclaimed or abandoned reward certificates which belong to the customers who earned them. What is the company going to do with all of these reward certificates which represent millions of dollars worth of product? Is the company going to give these customers the rewards they promised them, or are they just going to act like they never existed and brush them under the carpet? Most of these customers have no idea that they are entitled to these certificates which will save them a lot of money.
I guess what the customer doesn't know won't hurt them. They have already given ralphs their money to purchase pet and wine items, where they should have used the certificates which they earned instead. Not only does the company have the customers money, they also have the customers certificates and once they end this program, what happens to these certificates?

If the company wants to keep their good name, they should give these certificates to their customers who earned them. It will be interesting to see what the company decides to do with these millions of dollars of certificates.

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