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I recently applied for a Juniper VISA through the Apple store and was instantly approved with a $4000.00 credit limit, which I used to buy a new MacBook Pro and some other items. Each month I paid approximately $1000.00 before the due date. At the end of November I paid the remaining balance of $1990.00 way before the due date.

The following month Juniper sent me another bill with a zero balance except for a finance charge of $86.12. After talking to several rude Juniper reps, I discovered the fine print on the second or third page of my statement stating that the finance charge was due a few days before the credit card payment due date. I have never heard of a credit card that has two due dates. I called Juniper and cancelled the account and sent them a check for $86.12 on 12.17.07, which was due on 12.30.07.

Today I received another bill for the previous finance charge of $86.12 plus an additional $30 finance charge and a $15 late fee. I checked my online bank statement and the $86.12 check cleared my bank on 12.31.07 and the due date was 12.30.07. I've been calling Juniper since 9AM and I get is a rapid busy signal.

After Googling "Juniper VISA fraud scam" I realized that I'm among many who are being scammed by this company.

My next step is to file a complaint with the FCC and the California Attorney General's office. Also, as an Apple consumer and shareholder, I'm notifying their corporate financial services manager. An online complaint to Apple over a month ago has gone unanswered.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by amanda.l.valentine on 09/04/2009
Over the last year I have read many complaints regarding Juniper Bank / Barclay's Bank Credit Card rate gouging. Honestly, I figured it was the writers fault for missing their payments or going over the limits. Afterall they broke their contract. Well, let me tell you, I got mine. I have never missed a payment, as matter of fact I double up on payments each month and pay well over the minimum requirement. I have never exceeded the limit. As a matter of fact I have done nothing wrong. Yet I received a notice from Juniper Bank advising me that my fixed interest rate of 7.99% will now be changing to a variable rate of prime 9.something% going to an initial rate of 12 %. When I called to inquire about the change the reason I was given was that 'it's not a personal attack on me but rather a business decision due to the economy'. This is the lamest excuse I have ever heard for a corporation to rape their consumers. Enough is enough, these companies shouldn't be aloud to take advantage of people. I closed the account and will be issuing payment in full, this bank does not deserve to profit off of me. I encourage anyone who reads this to not send your business to this bank. They will take advantage of you to line their own pockets. Companies like this deserve to go out of business!

Posted by josh5793 on 12/22/2009
The same thing happen to me. I kept paying, and kept getting hit with new charges and new dates to pay. My bill wasn't going down. Finally I just stopped paying on it, and probably ruined my credit, but if I have a chance to explain I'll tell them I wasn't going to keep getting scammed forever!!!

Posted by jlhasselbush on 01/14/2010
Closed my Juniper Account 12/2008. Received my bill today (1/14/2010) and my rate went up. Hmm..they are not supposed to raise my APR since it is closed. Plus, since the Credit Cardholder's Account Bill of Rights state's that I was supposed to be notified 45 days before the rate increase and I received nothing. I contacted Juniper on 1/14/2010 to question them regarding my account and they gave me the same lame-o reason: "Due to the economy." What kind of reasoning is that? I filed a complaint and someone that is higher up is going to contact me w/in 24 to 48 hours in regards to my account. I have always paid my bill on time since it is set up through my online account with Juniper to take the payments out. Oh...get this. Since I forgot my password and I was locked out of my online account, I spoke with Tech support. The tech person on the line told me since my account is closed, they are unable to pull up or reset my password. I was furious! So, I made them switch my paperless statements to paper statements that they have to mail to me and I requested they cancel the automatic payments to be taken out. If the issue does not get resolved, I am seeking legal counsel and I will be contacting the National media and whoever I need to contact in order to get them in trouble.

Posted by hjsmith on 01/20/2010
Juniper or Barclay Bank that is who they are are rip off. I made all my payments on time and never went over my limit. They raised my interest rate anyway and I closed the account. They raised it 2 more times after it was closed to 30.24% I didn't even think that was legal. Stay away from them...

Posted by mstine on 02/18/2010
They got me to. I recieved a letter around 9/09 telling me my rate was going from 7.99 to 12.99. Upon calling them I got the economy story also. I paid them off but firgured I would keep the card for an emergecny with 12.99 apr.. Around 2/3/10 I used the card and recieved my statement with an apr. of 28%. I call them and now they tell me my november payment was late. The economy story no longer stands. On 2/16/10 I paid that balance in full and hope Juniper kick rocks. ACCOUNT CLOSED.

Posted by emarxer on 02/20/2010
I completely agree with you, though I did not receive my card through Apple. I received my card that was SUPPOSED to have a fixed 7.99% APR and after ONE payment a DAY late, it shot up to 18%...which I totally understood. But then it just kept going up without ever notifying me! Suddenly I was at a 28.99% APR!!! I hadn't even had the card for a year! I called and cancelled the card as soon as I could and vowed that I would make sure no one ever has to receive the same corrupt and sinful experience I have had!

Posted by mjames on 02/21/2010
Very similar experience with me. After 2 years of a reasonable (for me) 11.99% APR my rate went to the default 29.99 in June '09 do to late pay. I resolved this within a few days of notice. Well, I expected the default rate to kick in. But here is where the story gets interesting.
I called and talked with a rep in July '09 asking for a reprieve and a better rate. The rep said that since I was "a good customer" that yes, the rate could be adjusted to a rate of something like 17.99. I thought 'Great, this is better than the default'. I was satisfied. The next statement comes, and of course the rate is still 29.99. I emailed and phoned for an explanation.They wouldn't budge. Forward to Aug '09, I receive the "Change in Terms" letter indicating that the APR will be set to the prime rate (get this) 26.99%!
I was ticked. The rep lied to me and the gouging continued.
My only recourse was to complain. Complaints were made to: 1)Barclays (nothing, of course from them except stonewalling 2)Dept of Financial Institutions of my state of residence (IN) (absolutely no help) 3)Comptroller of the Currency (responsive) and 3)the FDIC (they actually contacted Barclays responded to me twice keeping me informed of their investigation of my complaint against Juniper).
If you have a complaint against Juniper, I would suggest that you go directly to the FDIC. Online complaint forms are available I believe. If not write them, as they actually pay attention to complaints against usurious credit card companies and keep files of such complaints.
Well, tomorrow (Feb 22) is the day the new credit card laws go into effect, and on that day I am going to give Juniper a call and see what they can do to lower my rate (I doubt anything) from the default 29.99, which it has been for over 6 months now, since the letter that I received from the back in August '09 indicated that the new non-default rate 26.99 prime which = 30.24% today is actually more than the old default rate.
If this happens, I will start up another round of complaints to the FDIC because this is my only recourse when dealing with usurious shysters such as Juniper.

Posted by fcabooks on 03/24/2010
I can't comment on your specific case, but I had an incident with Juniper too and would say they definitely bend the rules their way, then play dumb when you catch them.

Posted by LadyN2Racin on 04/06/2010
I too always paid on time, paid over the minimum amount and never exceeded my limit. After 4 yrs with a 11.99% interest rate, it all of a sudden jumped to 14,99% and they won't budge. I'm going to pay the balance off and close the account. There's gotta be something better out there!

Posted by ipd1027 on 06/02/2013
The attorney general

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