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Judge wearing ankle band dishes out justice? - Judge Patty McGuire

- Lawrence County Courthouse

Rumors abound in Lawrence County about Judge Patty McGuire sitting on the bench with an ankle bracelet on her ankle. When I asked a local police officer he affirmed he had heard the same information but he would not attest to the validity; he did state that information would possibly be found on the internet IF someone knew what county to search in. According to rumors, Judge McGuire had been stopped in a county near Nashville and drugs were found in her car which led to her first possible charge. In discussing this with residents in and around Lawrence County, I was told it's not a good idea to get involved or to bring this matter to light. Is it possible to actually find out if this judge is in fact wearing a monitoring device?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by legendary94 on 11/15/2013
I wouldn't doubt it one bit. She was very unprofessional when I was in the court room for a ticket. If she wasn't announced as a judge, I would of thought she was someone off the street. She let people she knew off the hook without question, and made jokes about others that were very unfortunate. I have never been in a Court house that lacks so much professionalism than Lawrence County TN. They have made their buddy system to obvious to continue as it is.

Posted by karenwoods829 on 10/30/2014
How can she sat there and judge other people. when she's criminal herself. This town is so coruped in its self.

Posted by cricket_the_bassist on 03/11/2015
I'm so glad I decided to start searching around. I personally seen this ankle bracelet on her in court one day this county is so crooked I'm surprised God has not wiped this place out. I'm a victim of this county and anything I can do to expose it will I have so much to say.people being killed in the jail there and they keep getting covered up please expose this place I will help! As of march 2nd 2015 the man who shot me last year on the fourth of July got probation for attempted first degree murder and illegal possession of firearm and this guy has an extensive background of guns and drugs. I called the DA and asked why the **** did he only get probation and they said its because I wasn't in the courtroom at his sentencing knowing damn well I have expressed I can not see the man who shot me I suffer from PTSD because of almost losing my life andwhere is the justice in this!!!?????? Tennessee has there own version of the FBI called the TBI and they won't even come investigate this town...this place needs national attention to shut this city government down!!!! Please contact me at my email address

Posted by wdowden500 on 07/18/2016
People of Lawrence county have a right to know what she was charged with,and where she was caught,and what she was caught with,and what her punishment was. I know she got off easy,she got to wear an ankle bracelet.and was it legal for her to judge people while wearing the ankle bracelet,when she herself is a criminal?

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