Lawrence County Sitting Judge Complaint

Judge wearing ankle band dishes out justice? - Judge Patty McGuire

- Lawrence County Courthouse
Rumors abound in Lawrence County about Judge Patty McGuire sitting on the bench with an ankle bracelet on her ankle. When I asked a local police officer he affirmed he had heard the same information but he would not attest to the validity; he did state that information would possibly be found on the internet IF someone knew what county to search in. According to rumors, Judge McGuire had been stopped in a county near Nashville and drugs were found in her car which led to her first possible charge. In discussing this with residents in and around Lawrence County, I was told it's not a good idea to get involved or to bring this matter to light. Is it possible to actually find out if this judge is in fact wearing a monitoring device?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by legendary94 on 11/15/2013
I wouldn't doubt it one bit. She was very unprofessional when I was in the court room for a ticket. If she wasn't announced as a judge, I would of thought she was someone off the street. She let people she knew off the hook without question, and made jokes about others that were very unfortunate. I have never been in a Court house that lacks so much professionalism than Lawrence County TN. They have made their buddy system to obvious to continue as it is.

Posted by karenwoods829 on 10/30/2014
How can she sat there and judge other people. when she's criminal herself. This town is so coruped in its self.

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