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The floor moved, now we are moving, too - Landlord

- Delray Beach, FL

On Monday, October 8, 2007, I contacted the City of Delray Beach regarding unsafe conditions in my apartment. The tile floor has buckled and cracked, and we continue to hear it doing the same. My landlord is aware of this, and has offered to "let (us) out of the lease." That's very nice of him, I say sarcastically, considering that the apartment is uninhabitable.

I was told by someone named "Lashay" (spelling?) that a code enforcement officer would call me. That was 5 days ago, and the floor continues to rise. Yesterday afternoon I saw what appeared to be a City of Delray Beach vehicle outside and a man talking to my landlord and the property maintenance man. Cleverly, the landlord had sent someone over to work on the tiles OUTSIDE, ON THE PATIO, and I'm sure that he told your city employee that they were making repairs.

It has already cost my husband and me $2,200 for deposits on a new place, and this does not include moving expenses, which one quote has at $600.

I called the landlord on Wednesday to tell him we have found a new place and that we need or deposits back now to put toward our moving expenses. No answer. I cannot afford this right now, and though we were going to move out anyway at the end of our lease or sooner if we felt it necessary, we were NOT planning for it at this very moment. I want the landlord to refund all deposits, prorate me out of here, give me a letter releasing me of any obligations and a letter stating that we paid our rent on time and had no complaints lodged against us.

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