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Why Is Nothing Done To Identity Theives - identity theft

- Jersey City, NJ, Brooklyn, NY

My friend recently had her identity stolen. We traced the orgin back to the fact that she was one of the people who had to reapply for a Jersey City Birth Certificate. Three weeks after sending her SS#, copy of license, etc. her identity was stolen.

This, however, is the best part! The culprits are having:
1. pizzas and magazine subscriptions delivered to a Brooklyn address
2. paying their bills online with her bank account
3. opening cell phone accounts and having the bills sent to her home address
4. too many more to mention

Now, it doesn't take an idiot to catch these people. However, no one cares. Not the credit card companies, the Jersey City Police, the postal service police, the Brooklyn police, or our local police department. Doesn't it seem like a no-brainer to just go to this address and investigate!? Oh, or maybe even call them on their new cell phone! We are absolutly dumb-founded that this is not being handled! No wonder people continue to steal others identities. They obviously know that they will not be pursued!

This story has multiple story lines that could be exposed. I hope to hear from someone in your office soon.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by sincerelysusan on 06/13/2008
Sorry to hear about your horrible situation. It is so aggravating to have a crime be so obvious to solve but no one will lift a finger. Don't move to Florida, there isn't any protection here either. I use words like Theft, Fraud, Extortion, etc... and law enforcement treats me like they have never heard of those words before. I actually go through these consumer sites trying to send some kind words to victims as a way to feel that my situation wasn't for nothing.
Keep complaining to where ever and who ever will listen. Good Luck.
Sincerely, Susan

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