Jennifer Convertibles Complaint

Jennifer Convertibles defective merchandise - defective merchandise that we can't return

- Portsmouth, NH

My wife and I live in Kittery, Maine, and purchased a sofabed from Jennifer Convertibles at their showroom in New Hampshire in May, however upon delivery, it was a different couch, style, and it made squeaking noises, the slipcover was way too large, and the cushions were barely padded. We called upon delivery, spoke with the manager at the store and they told us we had to discuss the situation with customer service. They then proceeded to send us a technician the following week to look over the issues. He seemed to agree with our problems, and sent in his report to customer service. A week later we were contacted and customer service said the technician found everything up to standards. I then spoke with Martin Ehrlich(district manager) and Meryl Gail(head of customer care) and both rudely told me "no returns," and wouldn't listen to our issues with the couch. Two weeks after we purchased the couch, the store closed down, and apparently some stores filed Ch. 11 in NH. I have since written to the NH BBB(since the sofa was bought in NH), and NY state attorney generals office(since Jennifer Convertibles is a NY company). I have documentation and records. In one instance, Jennifer responded differently to the NH BBB than the attorney generals office of NY. They state to the BBB of NH, that there were issues with the mechanism, however we didn't want to fix it. I have since been trying to dispute the charge with Discover. My wife and I are both in our 30's, this was a big investment for us, it came to $2019. Discover told me to try to get someone else to come look at the couch. We paid for an upholster of 25 years in the area to come out. He wrote up a docket, and stated more wrong issues with the couch than what was right. He said it wasn't up to standards. When we contacted Martin Ehlrich in May to ask for another technician, he wouldn't respond to our calls. We have been dealing with this for almost a year, and have nowhere to turn. I have records for everything, and the fact that I have documentation of them stating different facts to NY state attorney's office and BBB of NH has to account for something. It's obvious they have an "F" rating with the NY BBB. What can we do when all we want is to remove the couch and get a refund? We have tags still on the couch, covered, the plastic shipping, and our expecting our first child. We don't have a couch that is comfortable to even sit on. Can you make any suggestions? I was considering small claims court, however them stating that they filed Ch. 11 in NH makes me feel like it would be a waste of time.
I would love to show you all the backup and documentation of how fraudulent the services have been.

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