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International Art Theft - Stolen artworks

- San Francisco
Please view the following clip from Television New Zealand One News, about a multiple art loan from several Pacific Countries to a San Francisco organisation that went terribly wrong. The person responsible for not returning the artworks contacted the TV station a couple of hours prior to the story going to air saying that one of the many artworks can be returned at the artist's expense. This has been our suggestion for many years until the communication died which is still the case this week - that is, no communication from her despite her statement to NZTV. While this story is about one artwork, there are many thousands of dollars worth of artwork from other artists involved in this and several have come out of the woodwork since this story was aired last Saturday.

http://TVnz. co. nz/world-news/niue-fights-get-loaned-artworks-back-4730219/video?vid=4730233

Thank you for your time.
Mark Cross (for two of the aggrieved artists)
www.markcross. nu

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