Direct Buy Complaint

Illegitimate Operation - Membership Fee

- Brentwood,TN

I wish to report direct buy, a private owned business that claims they can save you thousands and thousands of dollars from retailers. The one I dealt with is located in brentwood, Tennessee, but they are all over several states. I believe they are fraud and should be investigated immediately.

The dealings I had with them is they sent out a letter stating you can come in and have a free 30 day shopping for anything in their place of business. They don’t have anything in the place of operation that was just a trick to get you in then give you the brainwashing- presentation of how you can save thousands of dollars. I had always wondered how they operated. I was instered in kitchen cabinets and after he explained how much money I can save, and after I paid the $2, 990.00 For the one year membership, he directed me over to a cabinet designer. He, also told me that the kraftmaid cabinets were the cheapest and suggested that I go with them. I checked with home depot and lowes, they said that kraftmaid was the top of the line. The designer spent less than hour, and rushed me out because she had another customer to design for. That design fee $250.00. She told me to go out and find a retailer that I liked, and let her know so she could place the order. She said they would have to have one of directbuy’s men come out and measure. They had an estimate measurement that I had taken in. Time went by, I kept calling, could not get anyone to answer the phone, would have to leave a voice mail. They would not return my call. I didn’t know how to go about getting my project started. They would not take down the old cabinets, I would have to find someone and pay them. They would deliver by and 18-wheeler and I would have to pay the freight. After several weeks of not getting any response from them, I got to work to get them on the ball. Still they would not answer my calls or return the many messages I had left.

She had me to go pick out the hardware, cabinet pulls. She said they are a lot cheaper that stores like lowes, etc. I checked with lowes they were cheaper. I didn’t even like the ones I picked. The next day I called and canceled the order and in a few days one of the girls called and asked if I could come by and get the pulls. The girl that suppose to have cancelled the order, had not. I asked was she sure it was canceled. She said it was. I asked her to look on the computer to see if it had been canceled. It had. I don’t believe those girls on the front are allowed to go into the computer. They called mr. Toth to check. He said he just canceled it. I asked him if he was sure. I was surprised, it was returned to my debit card. This operation is nothing but fraud. They keep the girls on the front desk in the dark. I don’t think they want the girls on the front to know anything about the operation.

I reported them to the better business bureau, consumer affairs in Tennessee, and also, I reported them to consumer affairs in Washington dc. They all responsed and was glad I had taken this step. After steve langly, the owner got the informantion from consumer affairs, he agreed to refund the $2,990.00. That was not satisfactory with me. After my lawyer contacted them, they wasted no time refunding the $2,999.00 Plus the $250.00 For the cabinet designer. I believe that the memberships and others fees the customer has to pay is what operates the company. They don’t have to get any money from the retail stores that we choose they are piggy-backing on. What the customer pays in membership and other fees brings in all the money necessary.

At the beginning they (marty toth,) said they would not refund my money. I am a senior citizen, and these folks should be put out of business before they keep taking advantage of others. Lieing on their ad on TV they would get a key and Win the $50,000.00 House makeover. I hope you see that those businesses are fraud and put them out of business soon.

They told me not to tell anyone or let anyone see the catalogs they send out every quarter, or don’t go to any other retail store.

Right now they are running an ad on TV. Call in and they will send you a key and if it opens box or whatever it is it has to open, they will Win a $50,000.00 House makeover. The ad has been going on several weeks, I wonder when someone will get the right key. If you are a member you cannot receive a key. That’s just to get these new people in so they can get that membership fee.

I was expecting to see a huge building with everything anyone could want or need including farm machinery. There was just huge catalog of books you could find what they were looking for, and they were to send you to the store with that code number and call them back with the model # and they would order the product.

I was so distraught trying to find a way to get my money back. Trying to get all the information together. I had spell and was rushed to the emergency room. The dr’s thought I had a mini stroke. They treated me and sent me to st thomas by ambulance about 50 miles from here. They took all kinds of mri’s, essex and x-rays. They kept me overnight and the next day. They said it seemed to be a bad case of stress. It took over a week to regain my strength.

I hope you will get to work on these business right away.
Complaint against direct buy cool springs, brentw00d, Tennessee
I believe this business is fraudulent and should be investigatged as soon as possible and put them out of business. They make their living by just deceiving people.
Please look into this matter before they take advantage of others, especially seniors citizens like myself.
I had always wondered about direct buy. How they could save me thousands and thousands of dollars as they advertised. I found out the hard way when I got a letter saying I had 30 days of free shopping. I was prepared to see thousands of different merchandise of all the manufactures at the huge showroom that you would buy on the spot. But when I got in there were thousands and thousands of books. You found what you were looking for, make out an order form and sent it to the manufactutrs that handled that product. Or go on line and place your order. They had no books on kitchen cabinets. That would have been a chore for me looking through big o’le catalogs. Anyway they had no catalogs on cabinets.
They piggy-backed with manufactures. This was their way of getting customers into their stores. (Retailers)you might get a 10% discount, I don’t know. In turn that was an easy way to get direcy buy new memberships.
After I had paid $2,990.00 For the one year membership, I was interested in getting kitchen cabinets. They sent me around the corner where a designer, angelia, hurridly rushed me through because she had another cabinet to design, that was another $250.00 On the spot also.
After that, they, never contacted me. I made several calls, but was always put through to their voicemail. Marty toth, the director of operations, was very rude and argued with me when I did get him on the phone once and offered no help. Then he called a contractor that wasn’t even in his office to take the call, and he left a message for him to call me about taking kitchen cabinets down. He (the contractor) did call me but said he was bookedup, 4 months ahead. And marty called that helping me, and told me I would not get my money back, even though they did nothing to get my project started. Now i’m glad. I had custom kitchen cabinets made by a local cabinet shop. They were finished and up in two weeks. Solid wood and not as much as the theives quoted.
None of the people in charge were professional at all. I tried to ask the owner, steve langley, about something. He didn’t even slow down, just ignored me. Directbuy is an operation that they can make big money without having to do much of anything (except dodgeing the law).
They have an ad on TV now to call in and get a key, and if the key opens they get a $50,000.00 House makeover. It’s been running about a month or more so far. I wonder when someone will get the magic key. I called and they said I could not get a key because I was already a member. That proves that’s just a fraud advertising, just to trick people, trying to get more members in their place. Common sense shows that. Anyhow I wasn’t a member at that time because I had already received my money back, and they didn’t put up an argument, they had already heard from my lawyer.
I was suppose to get the kitchen cabinets delivered by a semi truck and pay the freight charges. Don’t be surprised if there were cabinets and or pieces missing or damaged, she indicated. And I would be responsible to deal with it to get all pieces. After about a month I began trying to get my money back, the membership fee and the cost of the design, which was never finished. Marthy toth, director of operations, told me point blank I would not get my money back. That’s when I got consummer afaries and bbb involved and also legale advise. At that time they agreed to refund the membership fee. I would not accept that offer until they refunded the $250.00 For the designer fee. Then I got my lawyer, one call and I received the complete amount they owed me in a few days. Please take care of these crooks (direct buy) brentwood, tn. And all over the country as soon as possible. Please don’t let them keep on robbing people. Making big money, taking people’s money when they’re barely getting by.
This has taken a toll on me. I had a spell like I had a mini stroke all because of the stress these crooks put me through. I went to the emergency room here, they sent me to st thomas hospital for more test. (One of the best heart hospitals in the country). 50 Miles from here.
These theives are all over the country (the usa). Please find all of them and put them out to find a real job like all these people that they are fooling is doing.
Tells how they are drilled not to give out any information to the callers about their operation. Also the information they send the members are told not to tell others or show the comparison to the retail stores to anyone.
Said they have given millions $$$$ away. These days they’er advertising a $50,000.00 House makeover just trying to get people to come in to try their magic key then sign a membership and if they sign up, there’s another $2,990.00, Scott free. Plus any other fees they might want add on.
If you don’t know they’re all over the place, anyone would think it’s their local fradulent operation, someone right here in m"boro would have had the magic key. Not so.

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