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- brooklyn ny 63rd precint

I recently requested a copy of my credit report and discover that they were a lots of incorrect information in my report. For instance some of the address they have listed is incorrect I have never resided. The most cruciantly one was the debt they have listed in the report I have never opened an account with hsbc, house gold platinum, and sears but these three entities have me as a cardholder which I never had access to. I called and file a complaint with the FTC that "went no where" I was told to go and file a identity theft report with the my local precint again to no avail. I was told by the dectective that my report was not sufficient proof of identity theft I had to submit more information which I have none to prove with. I never received a bill from any of these companies. I contacted the FTC again was told again to make a report with my local precint again to no avail. How do one make a report of identity theft when authority makes it so hard for the victim.
I really don't know what is going on somewhere somehow I havea bunch of debt in my report which are not mine and I have no clue on how to remove them from my report. In addition I was discourage into filing my complaint.

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