HSBC BANK Complaint

Possible Bank Teller Fraud

In early May I visited my local bank which I and members of my family have several accounts,for the purpose of cashing a dividend check. At the end of May I received my account statement which showed a withdrawl for the exact amount of the cashed check,even to the last penny.

On May 24th I went to the Bank in question and spoke to a representative who accessed the account in question but could not find a reason for the possible THEFT. Her response was that she would research the problem and let me know. It is now one week later and no call or resolution.

One of my questions to the representative was: Doesn't the Bank do an audit at the end of the Banking day?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by miked22 on 06/13/2007
Sounds like they processed a withdraw and then processed the cashed check after you left. Nice scam. It makes it appear a wash transaction. Since cash was exchanged, it is hard for them track I think...

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