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I have a complaint about credit card protection programs. I have a credit card that somehow started to get charged for a payment protection plan that I never signed up for. Once I noticed it over a year ago on my statement I began to call and ask that it be removed. Well here I am a year later still getting charged for something I have canceled every other month for a year. I call the company by the number that is on the statement, and tell them I do not want these services to please cancel it. They say "ok it's done, can I help you with anything else"? And thats it. Well today my credit card company said that they should have gave me a cancellation number, which they never did before. So I got the lady to patch me through to them so I could do so. I spent all day calling the number they gave me with no answer, but my credit card company got right through. Anyway I canceled it today once again, but this time I told him I wanted a cancellation number and he gave it to me. He didn't offer it I had to ask. I told the supervisor that I was so frustrated that now I don't just want to cancel it I want my money back for this past year. He said he could credit my account with the last month payment or he could send me a form so they can pull up the recording and investigate.

I asked if I would have the ability to hear it too, they said yeah. I asked why I couldn't get the last month payment back and do the investigation for the rest of the money I am asking for. He tells me I can not do both you can do one or the other. So I tell him to credit my account and I will go through my lawyer to get the rest. He then refuses to credit my account for the past month like he said he could. He tells me he can not do that right now. I said are you telling me that you just said I have a choice to do the credit or the investigation and now within a minute you can not do it. It was a long battle of running in circles but I finally got him to realize what he was saying and what I wanted him to do.

Now I want to know how these people can just put charges on my credit card without me agreeing to it? And why does the credit card company say they are not a part of this when they are? Thats why they can get right in touch with them. It's not right and it is happening to everyone. Check your statement.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by christopherodonovan on 10/18/2007
Samething is happening to me through discover card. luckily its only been one month so far.

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