OneWest Bank (formerly Indymac) Complaint

Home sold in auction without notice

- Montclair, Ca.

After facing foreclosure, I contacted the bank and applied for the President's Home Modification Program. They put the foreclosure on hold while they were working on the program. I called them frequently for updates and was always told they were still working on it and everything was still on hold, not to worry. Yesterday (7-28), I received a Notice to Vacate and that my house was sold at auction by the bank. I find this highly unethical, if not illegal, and would like some help in rescinding this sale.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by janderson on 08/26/2009
This is what is happneing to me . Did you get this resolved luckily for me they have not sold my house at auction due to 45,000 other homes on the auction list right now . INDYMAC never told me never notified me only that it was in the works when I received a letter saying it was going to auction

Posted by nikki.h on 12/16/2009
Protest Against IndyMac Bank
INDYMAC BANK Complaint by Mlashawn

You were reading a complaint about INDYMAC BANK.

Filing a new complaint about
There will be a Protest Against Indy Mac Bank on January 4,2010 @ 9am

Location: Indy Mac Corporate Headquarters

155 N. Lake Ave

Pasadena, Ca. 91101

All that are interested please join those of us who are fighting to save our homes.

Just maybe this might get IndyMac's attention.From what I get after reading all of the different stories here on Pissed Consumer we should have a good turn out. I chose this date hoping that all of the executives who work for Indy Mac would be back to work after the holidays.If interested reply to this post or to

Posted by luxuryautocare on 01/07/2010
Same thing happen to us. We were working with Chase Bank on a loan modification and when calling them they never told us that they were going to sell our house. I spoke to them days before the sale day date and spoke with a rep and her supervior and they both did not say anything about the sale. I know that the bank are allowed to sale your house but they are required to give you a notice which we never recevied. What can I do against Chase bank?

Posted by donna0329 on 07/28/2010
I was in modification with Chase and the exact same thing happened to me. I would like for someone to contact me via email,maybe if we work in numbers we can do something about this. THis seems very illegal, yes there are hurldes, but they have to have notified us of a sale date via ceritifed mail. That means someone has to sign for it, I think they should proved that proof

Posted by donna0329 on 07/28/2010
I am sorry, I was in modification with Chase and would like to be notified via email, here is my email address

Posted by douglasparkresidents on 11/01/2010
I want to tell you all a little story. The story begins, as all American dreams do, with unfettered hope and belief, but has, over time, become a nightmare from the darkest recesses of our national psyche. This is not a fairy tale, and I beg you to see yourself in our heroine

Posted by noeltner2 on 01/28/2012
Indymac was working with me on a home modification, i called 3 times a week to get an update, they told me not to worry, should be complete soon. Well they sold my home to a third party. This is absolutley faudulent practices. Who can I contact to help me. Thanks,

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