Home Depot & Empire Electric Complaint

Buyer Beware

On 11/5/05 I purchased a standby residential generator $3,269.65 from Home Depot and they have an agreement with Empire Electric to do the installation. On 11/19/05 I paid an inspection fee for Empire Electric to come to my home to measure/inspect my property for installation requirements. When I purchased the generator and ask what the installation cost would be. I was given a basic installation price and what was included. Basically any additional material or work will be extra, and once they send someone to my home I will get an exact price.

On 12/13/05 Empire Electric sent a invoice to Home Depot for $4,215.00. I paid Home Depot this amount and was told by the Home Depot rep. Debbie at their customer contact center ext. 55887 this is all I have to pay excluding the cost to have the gas company connect a gas line. On 12/28/05 Empire Electric sent me a letter stating they have received a work order from Home Depot to install my 15 KW generator unit and I need to sign/notarize the enclosed notice of commencement and provide them with a copy of a recent survey of my home.

On April 13th. 2006 I receive a call from Empire Electric stating I need a mechanical permit and it will cost an additional $500.00 I spoke with Davina at Home Depot 800-654-0688 ext. 86115 to log a complaint and my reference #3246478. I have emailed Home Depot several times and when I call depending on who you talk to you get a different story from we'll looking into to we only sell the item you're on your own when it comes to dealing with the contractor. My complaint is simple I went to Home Depot to purchase a generator and asked do they have a company to do installation and they referred Empire Electric. Both Home Depot and Empire Electric stated they won't know the exact cost of installing this generator until someone come out to inspect/measure the property.

They come out and took the measurements/pictures,sent a written invoice for the cost of installation. I paid that price and now Empire Electric want me to pay an additional $500.00.

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