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Purchased a gazebo at Home Depot for $400. Followed assembly instructions exactly, and placed it on our deck. Enjoyed it for three weeks until one day when it rained, the top filled with water (which it hadn't done in 3 previous rains) and the entire thing crashed down, breaking the metal framework. Oddly enough, it had a 2nd 'roof' section on it to avoid water collection, and the canvas fabric was pulled very tightly on the framework, as per instructions, so this should not have happened. Luckily nobody was sitting under it when it collapsed, and I'm surprised the sharp framing ends didn't crash through the French doors. Since it was shielded on 2 sides by the house (on our deck) I cannot believe it was a result of high winds or anything of that nature.

Called store. Manager on vacation, assistant manager refused to look at it or discuss it. 'Act of God' he said, though he admitted his similar gazebo was still standing. Apparently no Acts of God in his neighborhood.

Took it to the store in the car. Assistant manager refused to look at it after ignoring us for 20 minutes while he paced at the front of the store. Said we were 'threatening' him (crazy,my husband is a 140 lb ethics professor, not a very scary guy). Said nobody would help us and not to bother the regional manager.

Wrote to the Customer Service Dept and even Investor Relations hoping SOMEONE would respond, but received only the usual cursory templated 'thanks for emailing us' responses.

Shame on them. $400 out for us, and we'll never buy from Home Depot again! They should stand behind their products.

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