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Help! My Shed Needs a 'Face Lift'

My Aluminum shed was installed in early October 2006 after a City permit was issued. When the shed was initially installed, I was told by a member of the crew from Ted's Sheds, that anchors were not needed as the shed was large enough to support itself. I was not satisfied with that so I called the company the next business day and someone came back 2 weeks later and placed 4 anchors to support the shed. The City inspector came out for a final inspection on October 22 and did not pass the installation stating improper anchoring as his reason. Home Depot and Ted's Sheds were made aware of this fact. No one has made any efforts to remedy this matter regarding the shed that did not pass city inspection and to date, nothing has been done about it. The shed is still on its side since October 24, 2005 when it was flipped over during Hurricane Wilma. Ted's Sheds and Home Depot initially thought that the shed passed inspection; however, the City of Miami Gardens has made it quite clear to them that the shed did not pass inspection due to improper installation. I am still waiting for this situation to be remedied with a 10 x 12 ft shed lying face down in my back yard and another hurricane season less than 1 week away.

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