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$1000 For One Piece Of Molding?

I went to a home depot store to purchase a piece of molding for a corner in my kitchen i was painting. I also purchased a can of paint and some brushes. I needed the molding to be cut into three different pieces to meet my measurements. The clerk gladly helped me cut a second piece of molding into different segments at the cutting station. I checked out and used my home depot credit card. I smiled at the cashier and signed my credit slip without looking at the amount she charged me. Later in the month, my home depot statement arrived. To my shock, there was a charge for $900 on my card. I immediately thought someone had stolen my card or obtained my credit card number somehow. Nope! I retrieved the receipt and there it was! The cashier had erranously charged me for 1058 pieces of molding at $0.59 Each instead of 1.58 Pieces. Corporate headquarters refuses to do anything about it saying that i signed for it and now its my responsibility. They refuse to investigate it saying their records do not go that far back-one month! They refused to let me talk to the cashier saying that she was 'transferred' to an unknown location. They have called me a liar and have even threatened to remove me off the store premises because i was not satisfied with the answers to my questions.

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Posted by junk_6666 on 07/05/2007
Time to call the Credit card company and dispute the charges

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