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Illegal Charges for Installation - Won't refund

I contracted with Home Depot to have them install a ceramic tile kitchen floor, ceramic tile backsplash, and Silestone countertop.

Home Depot was responsible for the measurements and installation of all three projects.

In the case of the backsplash, the job was grossly overestimated. I paid for materials and installation of 216 square feet

of backsplash. Only after the job was completed, when eleven (11) of the fourteen (14) cartons of tile were left in my

garage, did I realize how much I had overpaid. The prepaid labor on these eleven (11) cartons came to $1,013.49 (labor at

$5.55 per sq. foot).
In addition, Home Depot double charges for the border tile, charging an additional $5.00 per linear foot for border tiles,

without reducing the estimated square footage of the backsplash tile. Finally I was charged for more wall outlets that were

not present.
My kitchen floor experience was similar, although not as grossly overestimated. I paid for installation 472 square feet of

ceramic tile (at $7.97 per sq. foot). When the job was completed, I had two unopened cartons of tile (for which installation

was prepaid).
Home Depot refused to refund the labor charge on unopened cartons of tile. The store management cites an 'industry standard'

policy of 'materials handled'. According to this policy, if the installer simply brings the cartons of tile to your house,

you must pay for installation regardless of whether the cartons were even opened. For the kitchen floor, this resulted in an

unethical, and I believe illegal overcharge of $271.00.
The store refuses to refund this overcharge. Home Depot corporate refuses to credit this amount unless a sign a 'settlement

and release' agreement that requires me to:

'fully release and discharge Home Depot, and its officers and employees from any and all claims, causes of action, and

liability of every kind which customer had or may have arising from or concerning The Transaction.'

I don't believe anyone should have to sign such a release for an unethical and illegal overcharge.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by kndkcook on 06/01/2008
You dont have to just settle for the answer that they give you! My Dad just had the same thing happen and I took it to court for him (small claims - Fullerton, CA.) in April 2008, and we won hands down! They have you go and talk outside the court house room in the hallways before they hear cases to see if you can settle among yourselves and they had a representative right there with the power to pay us. That was after a five month long fight where they refused to pay us a penny giving us the same bullshit lies they are giving you. It is not the industry standard. Its not how it works normally. You dont dont have to sit and take it and if you look in civil claims records for superior court orange county branch, and type in the name home depot you will see what I am saying is true! They have lost hundreds of cases this year alone. GO GET YOUR MONEY BACK SILLY! And dont believe their bull about no refunds on special orders etc. Thats another lie! My Fathers stuff was a special order and we sit here fully reimbursed and we got to keep the order too. Need help? Email me kndkcook@aol.com

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