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Half the Siding/Double the Bill

In February of 2005, I signed a contract with Home Depot At Home Services to put siding on my house and 2 new windows. When the salesman came to my house for measurements, I explained to him that I had $7000.00 in Home Depot cards and planned to pay for the job that way. I wish he told me the truth-that could not be done. Instead he said he would take care of it and give me a 10% discount on top of it. For months after the job I tried to pay my bill and made multiple visits with my box of cards to the store but the transaction could never be done. It was vert complicated and he said he needed only certain people there to do it. I then started getting credit card bills with the entire job billed on my card, which he assured me he would not do. After 6 months, I started getting interest on the card. Finally in July the salesman met me at the store and I paid for the job in gift cards. He said he would take care of the credit card bill. Over a year later, I was sent to a collections agency and it still was not taken care of. I was denied the preferred car insurance ratwe because of my now bad credit history. To this date, no one will write a letter to my car insurance admitting their mistake. I call each day and get shuffled around and put on hold and hung up on. When I do reach someone they either promise to take care of it or tell me they can't help. In either case, no one ever does anything. I am still waiting for my 10% discount which I was told I would have to meet the salesman at the store to give me the discount which has now changed from 10% of $7000.00 to $200.00. Now that the job is finished and paid for, he does not return any more of my calls.

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