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I just wanted to share my recent experience with Home Depot that I feel is a growing trend with them. Consistent under-estimations regarding work their ourside contractors can do.

We recently spent about 3 hours at our local Home Depot picking out a new door for the side of our house. The reason it took so long was because they had accidentally deleted our original quote from the system.

Anyway, that was just the beginning of our problems. We picked out a door that cost $126. Standard installation of the door was $285. We thought this was high, but just in case it takes a few extra hours labor, we can see why they might mark the price up.

So we scheduled an appointment for a measurement. We had already measured our door and brought the dimensions in with us. The door measured out to be a 32x80 inch door. Well the contractor who came out to measure spent about 5 minutes here said he would submit the details to HD and we'd be contacted regarding the scheduling of the installation. Well HD calls us the next day... tells us the contractor said we needed a bigger door, and that door would have to be cut down to fit our house. This new door would cost us almost $500. And he also said there would be additional labor to make it fit, so the total cost of getting our door installed was now $900!

I am currently having a different company come out and do the installation. If the new company measures and installs the original door we ordered (32x80), you can bet HD will be hearing from our lawyers. We will be seeking our $30 measurement fee back, as well as time wasted at their store and on the phone with them.

Thanks for listening.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by unionmrose on 09/07/2007
I had a simalar story with a custom door installation, that was a botched jtsob no help from local office to corp hq's. still fighting, lots of documentation.

Posted by robinwenz on 12/07/2009
i had an istance where i picked out 2 new windows for installation and just prior to installing they informed me it would cost and extra $400 because the windows were special - hmmm - told them no thank you! The contract I signed was for $400 less and if they couldn't honor it then I didn't want it. They wouldn't honor their contract so I cancelled the windows.

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