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- clovis, ca

In the market of buying a new home, had recently pulled out from another home builder due to them building a two story home next to our single level. (we asked right from the beginning and they were honest) we went to another housing development bonadelle homes, I/we went in and confirmed that the lot that we were interested in would not get any two story homes built next to it (this question that we made, was very clear about no story homes being built next to it) so we are now pre-approved and are told our home will start being built on 9-1-13, here we are now on 12-29-13 the home just the dirt level and the foundation has not been poured. We look at the neighbor to our left, I go to see what the last name is of the family, but then look at the model of the home and its a two story home.
on 12-29-13 I then go speak to the lady that sold us the home, the same lady that made it very clear no two story home would be placed next to ours and her answer is " I didn't sell the home my co-worker did" I made it very clear to her that she said this would not happen, she says I know but I really can't say that a two story home can't go there. She then says if we want to back out of the home they will keep our 5000.00 dollars that we left as a deposit. She gave me the option to purchase the lot next to mine on the other side for an additional 10,000.00 above what we are paying now. She says the owner said homes are going up!! they followed up with a text message later on 12-30-13 that they will lower the price from 10,000.00 down to 3,000.00

Our sales lady is making it very clear the owner of the bonadelle won't speak to us, I don't see how we can at fault for any of this. At this point we want our money back.
So here I am on 12-31-13 and they are still firm at charging us the 3000.00 more.

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