Wachovia/Wells Fargo Complaint

Home Being Sold, Because Bank Has Not Paid Our Property Tax Since 2004 - Present - Our Mortgage And Property Taxes

- Solano Country

Last years in June we were contacted by the county tax collector. That our taxes had not been paid since 2004 to present. We contact Ms. Vivian Rodriquez who told us there was an discrepancy with the Parcel Tax number, and she would take care of it. Two months later we received a letter saying there were no discrepancies unsigned. Now our tax and insurance were included in our monthly payments. Than in October we called to make a payment someone named CJ told us he pwouldn't take our payment and to make two payments in November, which didn't sound right. So in November we called to make our payment, and sure enough the lady said he had done this to three other families. They started the process for a Loan Modification and sent us notices in January 2011 that they wanted payment. We had to get a Law Group to help us. Last Monday March 28 a gentleman came to our door and offered to pay our taxes. I told him "no, so we would to pay him!". He said did you know that your home was being auction on May 7 for taxes. My husband tried to contact the Escrow Department, which hung up in his face. We than received a letter from the Tax Collector a few days later. I sent everything to our law group. On yesterday my husband found a Notice on the door that the State of Calif. is auctioning our home this month on the 26. The Law Group told me today that the bank said they tried to reach us, which is untrue and had signed papers in court that that tried to reach us. And said they have to stop the modification process until this get resolved. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If the bank has been paying the taxes then were is it? The only notice we received from the bank was the one for payment and title change from Wachovia to Wells Fargo. PLEASE HELP US. On the 17th of this month we will be celebrating our 30 year anniversary, and than the next week have our home taken from us by their mistakes.

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