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Hilton's HGVC Scam - Time Shares

- New York

We purchased timeshare with Hilton Grand Vacation Club for approximately $18000. We were inexperienced in this field and made a big mistake with our purchase. Not only did we find out that the market value of what we own is not even 25% of what we payed, but it is also nearly impossible to book a trip on dates that we are available to travel. We were told we had the "advantage" of booking travel 9 months in advance. On the first day that we were eligible to book a room on the dates we wanted to travel, they were no longer available for the destination we were planning.
It is true, it seems, this is the nature of the timeshare, and if there were various other options then it would not be so bad. Unfortunately, we have no way of using our time share unless it is on the highly unlikely chance that we can book a room for the dates we intend to travel. Nonetheless, we have to pay the yearly maintenance as well. Perhaps if were retired and did not have school or jobs, this could work.
Hilton is stealing from the public. There are many similar posts on complaint sites about HGVC, Hilton is running a very large scam that leaves people with little choice and with all of their money in Hilton's pockets. I tried speaking with customer service and the only option they had was to forward me to the sales department, which was picked up by an answering machine stating a 6-day expected response time. They have our money, they don't have a room for us on our schedule, there is no one to speak with and the value of my $18000 is apparently worth less than $3400.
Hilton is preying on the unexperienced buyer, which of course is not anything new for most unscrupulous businesses. I am surprised to have been swindled by Hilton. They are taking my money and not providing the service we were convinced we would receive. I am not certain whether we will be able to recover anything more than $3400. I think Hilton should be exposed for their deceptive practice, which amounts to modern day white collar robbery, the amount they are overcharging goes against what a business of their scale should be allowed to do. Someone should be held accountable. We asked about resale value and the salesman danced around the question, unfortunately, I was not astute enough to realize the lie he was building and truth he was hiding. The salesman's response was," I would not sell it for anything less than I paid for it." It turns our to be more like a deal with the devil, except in the latter, the victim gets some actual value. We get nothing and Hilton gets our money and does not have anyone available to speak for a week? How many other HGVC victims are out there? This does not seem to be an isolated incident, rather a standard practice to steal from the people they are supposedly providing a service. The customer service representative tried to put it in perspective, he pointed out, "when you buy a new car, you know it will lose value as soon as you take it off the lot." Okay, fine, yes that is true. But how can the justify their sales people selling at such an inflated rate when they know for a fact whatever they are selling has an actual value of less than 25% of the sticker price. It would be great is Hilton would just keep the money they have stolen from us already and annul our contract. The best they are offering is resell at 20% or what we paid. It is very frustrating to be so helpless against this band or organized thieves.

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