Heat Surge Fireless Flame Fireplaces Complaint

Amish Miracle Heat Surge Fireplaces are Going to Cost you Big Time - Heat Surge Fireless Flame Fireplaces

- I am in Albany, but they are being advertised all over the country

On the 29th of January, 2008. I read in The Post Star, page B5 (big bold black letters across the page) "Amish man's new miracle idea helps home heat bills hit rock bottom" then it goes on to say...miracle heaters being given away free with orders for real Amish fireplace mantles to launch the new invention that slashes heat bills, but Amish craftsmen under strain of winter rush impose household limit of 2....Saves money:uses less energy than a coffee maker, so leave it on day and night and never be cold again...by Mark Woods, Universal Media Syndicate... It takes up a full page. Couldn't wait to buy it.

I read it at work. Couldn't wait to get home to order. There was of window of two days to order the firreplaces. They give telephone numbers for all over the country, depending on your home location. The cost was $298.00. So I went home and tried to order. I was told that you need the claim number that was in the paper to order. So I called my local store in Galway to hold a paper for me. I went right down and purchased it. Called back with the claim number and bought two of them. Needed to pay shipping charges for each of $50.00 and I bought in to a warranty program for three years supposively of $28.00@. Told them that my pension check would not be in until the very end of January and if there was any way I could purchase and they could use my debit card to pay for it after the fact. I was told, no problem, and they put my order through. (Note: I actually decided to forgo my property taxes and pay them next month to get in on this "major deal" since heating prices were so high and it would really help me.

Well, I finally received them on the morning of February 12, 2008, sitting outside my door as I was leaving for work. Would not be able to hook them up until I came home. Couldn't wait to get home, rearrange my furniture and put into place. They looked very nice. I was very pleased. Now all I had to do was wait for my electricity bill. Finally received my electric bill on the 20th(?) of February. People at work were investigating and stated that other people they knew were paying high electric bills. I decided that as soon as I got home, I would check my meter reading. My national grid bill covered through February 2/11/08. So I used that figure, took the new firgure on my meter and found out that I (in 10 days) more than doubled my normal electric bill that I would have had FOR A WHOLE MONTH.

I was never so upset in my whole life. I called and told them and was told that it only uses 12cents per day. I told them they better look at their figures more closely. I do not want it and will return them. Now, if I use the prepaid UPS system (that they included in the package), but it will take 6 months to get my money back because "the amish people do not have electricity", or I could use this other address that they gave me and pay the UPS $50.00@ to return the fireplaces and get my money back in 30 days.

I still have not sent them back yet because some of my friends at work were going to order and I let them borrow some of my paperwork. I made them aware of what happened so no one else does order.

This really needs to be advertised so no one else gets taken in by these people. I was so upset. The Amish are god faring people and I suspect that someone is taking advantage of their name.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by ntervelt on 07/22/2008
I also thought what a great deal. I didn't have time to check my meter, or my bill, because the fireplace constantly would knock my circuit breaker out - my amp is 100, and obviously not enough for this. I returned it.

Posted by kedikatt on 09/19/2008
These heaters are no more efficient than any electric heater that can be had much cheaper. The BTU figure and Watt figures are the same as most electric heaters. There is no miracle here.

Posted by sgdluu on 09/19/2008
I was going to buy one in Toronto, but was suspicious about the promotion. I can't see these being more efficient than my HE gas furnace.

Posted by mcurtis764 on 09/25/2008
Thanks for the dope on the Heat Surge Fireless Flame Fireplaces

Posted by cmoon2ward on 10/01/2008
The ad came out in the Clovis News Journal yesterday Sept. 30, 2008 in Clovis, NM, we too were about to buy one, but I decided to research is more, Thank God I did, because we will not buy one now after reading this. I also went to the web site that sells 'Heat Surge Fireless Flame' heaters and they say they only heat 400 sq ft, (not that much) which the ad fails to mention. Connie

Posted by frostrc911 on 10/22/2008
Excellent review. I read on the web only bad reviews on the Almish heat surge heater, no good ones. I called today to cancel my order that haden't been shipped yet and they worked me hard on keeping it for even a gift. Thanks

Posted by tyeadn on 10/22/2008
Thank you "chepulis" for submitting this complaint, I almost rushed in to order one. I saw their full page ad on USA Today on 10/21/08. I thank my son for using Google to learn about this article. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope someone can take legal actions against this company for false advertising.

Posted by c.umbreit on 10/22/2008
Thanks for outing this scam!

Posted by pclark911 on 10/26/2008
I was going to buy one of these until I read all these reports, sorry but you did save many from getting taken, these heaters might work in a well insulated small closed room, like a bedroom with the door closed, but a 50.00 heater would do the same. Thanks for the information.

Posted by gkoenig on 10/31/2008
I have one and it works great! A friend purchased two and loves them..............snug as a bug in a rug.

Posted by VLWRIGHT111 on 10/31/2008
I am so grateful for the comment. I am an elderly person on a very limited income, looking for a good deal

Posted by toddandwanda on 11/08/2008
like everyone ealth I wanted more info so I went on line and saw your story. The thing that got wanting more info was how could the Armish know how much electric it uses when thay have none. It sound like a to good to be true deal. And from your story I was right. I am a very coushes women and dont jump and buy just because it sounds good Sorry you got riped off but thank you for keeping me and others from the same fate.

Posted by johnnyc59 on 11/11/2008
i cant understand the rising of the electric bill. i have 2 and back in febuary, i even had a house guest for the entire month, i ran these 2 units for the entire month. i never saw an increase what so ever. we now have 3, and still dont see an increase. i am on american electric power. my power bill was higher this past summer, due to the ac.

Posted by hinkle.tom on 11/22/2008
Wish I had read this before we ordered the Heat Surge Unit. We were very disappointed in the performance and called to tell the representatives so. He assure us that we must have received a faulty unit as his lived up to and exceeded all his expectations. We agree to try a replacement but the turn around was taking more than two weeks and upon further contemplation we decided we just wanted a refund.
Little did we know what a hassle we were in for. Our credit card couldn't be credited for up to four weeks(untrue according to Discover Card), we would have to pay for return shipping, and UPS could not turn the impending shipment around (not so according to ups). We are still trying to resolve these issues and feel that this company is marketing an expensive, unefficient and misrepresented product!

Posted by jbach14580 on 11/22/2008
People, don't be duped by these energy saving heaters that are advertised in the newspapers and magazines. They are nothing more that repackaged electric heaters. They all cost the same to operate no matter how much you pay for them. There is no magic electric heater out there. 1000 watts of electrical power produces 3413 BTU's of heat energy. No one has suddenly come up with a way to improve on those numbers. So if you want a portable electric heater just remember the less expensive ones cost the same to operate as do the over priced ones.

Posted by w3hatch7 on 11/25/2008
I read the "Amish" Heat Surge Fireless Flame ad. It is an perfect example of "if it is too good to be true--it is not." How could a small Amish workshop supply enough heaters to justify the expense of these ads all over the country? The Amish people by definition do not mass produce anything. Their community in the U.S. and Canada is less than 250,000 and they limit contacts with the outside world. Even the picture of an Amish cart loaded with heaters is laughable. You would need a fleet of hundreds of carts. I suspect the advertisement is false and depends on Amish tolerance and reluctance to use attorneys to defend their name. The best way to find a good heater is to read the consumer guides at the local library or do an Internet search. I bought a small Holmes oil filled radiator on wheels for less than $100. Heats my small office just fine. Paranam

Posted by nonagzone on 12/03/2008
I have two also. Last year my Gas Bill that I use to heat my home normally ran $200. My Gas Bill went down $140 and my electric bill went up $60. I am a man and can follow directions. I turned down the thermostat to 65 and the house stayed warm. I have a 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. I did however think that the workmanship of the fireplaces were not all the great. True it is solid wood but one of my fireplaces is quiet and the other is very loud. I am satisfied with my purchase.

Posted by alsrons on 12/05/2008
I also investigated HEAT SURGE by trying to find what TYPE of HEAT TECHNOLOGY they use to produce the HEAT, but to no avail. In addition to WHY the Amish are involved with a Private Company, and that too, to no avail. Sounds like a SCAM, especially since people's ELECTRIC BILLS have SKY ROCKETED. However, maybe, just maybe there is an ELECTRIC PRODUCT (know as EDEN PURE GEN 3) that uses LESS ELECTRICITY to PRODUCE HEAT. It comes in two models (900 Watts

Posted by jlbeshore on 12/12/2008
This thing is the biggest waste of money and time. I'm sorry that I didn't invest more time in researching the product. It took 1 month to get to me, then I turned it on and it worked for 2 minutes and then went off. I am about to begin the tedious affair of returning it and buying one from the Oreck company (one a friend actually recommended-always go with recommendations. Don't be fooled by any of the positive comments. I'm sure that they are all from the company itself. RIP OFF is right.

Posted by cpugh on 12/15/2008
We’re an established company with millions of
satisfied customers whose focus is to exceed customer expectations.

To accomplish this, along with other successful methods,
we’ve set up a Web site to share the facts about our company at http://heatsurge.wordpress.com
to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Chris Pugh

Heat Surge

Posted by awesomeness416 on 12/16/2008
They are in fact taking advantage of the Amish name. Most Amish don't allow the use of their images on media, ie, photos and film. Documentary makers have to get special permission from the elders to film the Amish. I was looking at the commercials they had on tv for these things and the Amish clothes are not correct. To the untrained eye they look like genuine Amish, but they aren't. I grew up among the Amish, had a bunch of Amish friends. The 'Amish Mantles' are not quality work at all. Not to Amish standards, at least.

Miracle Heaters are giving the Amish a bad name.

Posted by sygertech on 12/17/2008
The ads are a complete and utter fraud. I am writing this because I cannot believe that anyone could take them seriously.

ALL electric heaters have the same efficiency: 100 percent. There is no technology possible that can improve on it. Note that the ads make no actual claims about efficiency or savings. If you don't believe me, call your utility or electrical contractor.

Assuming you have average electricity rates, using an electric space heater where you are sitting and turning down the thermostat of a central heating system will usually lower your costs. ANY space heater will be adequate for the job. Go to the hardware store and buy one that you like. Remember to SHUT IT OFF when you leave the room. This way, you only pay for the heat you are using to be comfortable.

I set my central system to between 55 and 62 degrees F.

If you like to have a fake fireplace, go to a big box hardware store. They have beautiful models to chose from and you can see before you buy.

Posted by cofuji on 12/17/2008
I also purchased a heat surge heater in Dec. 08 only to learn after using it for 20 days that my electric bill was the highest in my entire life. I was shocked and dissapointed in the advertising which is deceptive.

Posted by jkleiu on 12/17/2008
looks and sounds like Chinese junk to me...you can go to Walmart and buy a 1500-watt electric heater for $20. Do more internet searches on this product before sending your money to this scam.

Posted by hemroid on 12/18/2008
Are you people kidding me... statistically, you would have made a greater number of good decisions if you had flipped a coin. Can you not see that this is a scam from a mile away? It's advertised at 3am in the morning when you unemployed welfare idiots are vegetating in front of the TV. You people are why Obama won the election. Ridiculous.

Posted by rlyonsc21 on 12/21/2008
I purchased two of these heaters in May 2008. This is my first winter using them. I have one in my kitchen (the coldest room) and one in my living room. According to my digital thermostat the room temperature goes up about 5 degrees and a noticeably warmer room. My electric bill was about $10 more for November. I mostly use these heaters evenings and weekends. I am very satisfied with mine and no complaints here.

Posted by schoessler19 on 12/24/2008
This is a very disturbing story! I was considering ordering also. I thought they were suppossed to be free if you covered something up? What is that about? I saw that the electric bill would be 8cents. Someone is truly ripping off the Amish. Jeannine

Posted by JBorsky on 12/25/2008
What CRAP! They try and avoid any warranty by "giving" you the "Free Heater" when they sell you a mantle for almost $300! SCAM ALERT! Do not buy this garbage! It's an overpriced $20 1500 watt electric heater. A 3 hour wait if you call to complain, and months of getting a credit back to your credit card IF you can get them to do it!

Posted by kaambler on 12/26/2008
i used to think highly of the amish but after seeing undercover documentary on puppy mills they have, i would not believe their sincerity at all. this could be amish out for another dirty buck, or not amish. but it was truly amish people who had horrific puppy mills to earn big bucks

Posted by harolpl on 12/27/2008
If anyone reads the HEAT SURGE heater the supposed Amish people are only working on the wood mantle "cabinet" yes they make the wood you must understand the english written word because one word in a certain order can make a scam legal.
if you take your time and consider the syntax or word order and structure the AD only states the Amish build the "WOOD" mantle or wood cover.
If a person paints any object as glue board or whatever with cherry wood paint and his name is Bert than he can call it Bert's special Cherry wood the regular electric wall heater is somewhat listed as being made in China hidden around the tech Ad page so if the Amish are providing the cabinets they are getting a trashed reputation
If the Amish Do not use electricity than only a Jackass who can't read thinks the Amish build this Heater.

Posted by tjw78arie on 12/27/2008
I am eternally grateful that I stumbled across this thread. My fiance knew I had been wanting this particular item for some time

Posted by bethadewey on 12/29/2008
They have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. What does that mean? From The Good Housekeeping website, "This is Good Housekeeping's LIMITED WARRANTY: If any product that bears our Seal or is advertised in this issue* (with certain exceptions described below) proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer, Good Housekeeping will replace the product or refund the purchase price. This policy covers you, the consumer, whether you bought the product or it was given to you (by the buyer).

If you believe such a defect exists, write to: Director, Consumer

Posted by jbenson4 on 12/29/2008
Thank goodness my son was here to bring me back to my senses. I had credit card in hand, ready to call the "Zone" number and order my heater before the "deadline".....he said, "You'd better 'google' it first to see what you can find out...it may be a scam." Even then I didn't want to "waste time" looking it up....I wanted one so badly, I didn't want to hear the negatives....(please don't call me an idiot for this reasoning)....but, thank goodness, I did take the time to find out that my "wasted time" actually prevented me from a huge mistake of "wasting money", not time! Parade Magazine should be reprimanded for allowing such an advertisement in their issues...I am going to notify my local newspaper right now. "Almost Sucked In in Arizona"

Posted by bongomundo on 12/29/2008
I love the picture provided by Heat Surge web site (see 12/15/2008 comment) of the Amish "Elves" working on the miracle heaters.

Most of the miracle occurs in the way the advertisements are written. "Heaters shipping for free" means free shipping - not free heater - no big deal there.

"Heats your home for pennies a day" - compared to what?

A 750 watt hair drier blowing on a plastic sheet lit with a flame colored light bulb will give you the same heat as the "miracle surge heater" - if you want, for the "Amish look" you can put it in one of those cardboard wood-grained banker boxes from the office supply store - but don't burn your house down.

Posted by lyharney on 12/29/2008
The heat surge blog doesn't allow anyone to see comments! What good is that? You have to email them your comments - that's not a blog - that's a Web site! Another shady trick by the Heat Surge company.

Posted by clbalbo on 01/01/2009
We created a library for our daughter as a Christmas present. The final touch, a fire place. I went to the Heat Surge website and for 587.00 I could buy one now! Then I found this site. I didn't believe this was an Amish made product from the beginning. If you know anything about the Amish it is common sense, it was never really a factor. After reading some of your comments about the service and the quality, the library will have to be complete without a fireplace for now. Thank you all for your comments! Have a Happy New Year.

Posted by ja8187 on 01/06/2009
I just got mine yesterday and I really love it. I was buying it not only for the heat but the look. I live in a small apartment so heating the room probably won't be a problem. I have an electric heater already but was buying this for the aesthetic effect. Sorry to hear so many people were disappointed. I really love it and am planning on buying another one for the bedroom. The fire looks so pretty at night and makes the room look stunning.

Posted by stimpy on 01/07/2009

You are obviously a scam artist, and a poor one at that. I looked at your blog and read your "customer comments" which were all posted under your own name. You even admit to having a BBB rating of 'F'. I hope people wise up to your con and you are shut down or sued out of existence. You are a drain on society.

Posted by ilmotore on 01/07/2009
If anyone actually looks at the Heat surge website, they will show yu that this space heater uses either 1500 or 750 watts, depending on what setting you choose.

Now, riddle me this. If all the environmentalists and green people are telling you to turn off your 60 watt light bulb because it wastes lots of electricity and will run up your electric bill.

How much will running this heater at 1500, or even just 750, watts for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week cost?

This is why we need to push mathmatics in our public schools.

Don't by this product. And if you did, take your lumps, send it back and get some of your money back. You can then hold your head up and claim the high ground in consumer intelligence.

BTW: to ntervelt,

It's probably too late now, but I have no doubt that if you wait to return it you will lose even more money as return policies normally are time limited.

And, please, pay your property taxes.

Posted by nobledust on 01/10/2009
Visiting my elderly parents last winter, dad showed me the full-page ad in USAToday and asked my opinion. From the picture alone I told him it had to be a scam. Amish making electric heaters? And building them in an uninsulated hay barn, not a workshop? The ones in front were actually plugged-in in this amish barn? (Actually, the same duplicared "flames" in both. I reminded him that if it uses the same "BTUs" (deceptive to those who don't know what a BRITISH thermal unit is) as a (non-amish) coffee pot, it puts out about the same heat. He ordered one anyway, and I then scrambled to show him what it really was. Their own web site explains in a convoluted fashion that the energy savings come from turning off your furnace and rolling your amish-mr-coffee into the room you are in (not much use for a family). Fortunately, the company took back the product without any hassle. I see they have since made some TV spots. If you see them, look closely. You will see that the people are always sitting on the floor next to it, because it is shorter than the arm of the couch. "Dad" is on his hands and knees and is still taller than the "fireplace". One shot shows it next to a bed, which is the same height. These things are TINY! What do you expect from a coffeepot heater? If you want to spend $hundred$ on a little space heater with an attractive mantle and a light-buld flame, then the heat-surge is for you. If you just want a little extra heat, and walmart or costco has compact heaters for $30-$100 that put out just as much heat for the same energy consumption. And forget about the "amish" and "energy saving" claims. Just ignore the scammers, save your money and stay warm. Best way to save on your heating bill is a $30 programmable t-stat (if you leave the house during the day.)

Posted by nwetech on 01/10/2009
This is a joke.
They have time and money to pay someone to manage a website?
omish do do business. but not in a way to profit 500% over retail.

My grandfather purchased the edenpure units few years back. the company wasnt bad. units do heat at reasonable rate. but these heaters are only for small rooms. 300-600sf at max.
atleast eden pure backs there warranty. even though i took elements apart to keep working.

there good heaters but way over priced. anything more then 100 for a 1500watt is a joke. unless its powered with alternate heat.
electric is cheapest heating by far.

and about the wordpress for this heatsurge company they made all the comments themself and do not accept customer comments.
omish are good people. have known a few. but they do not have any part of heatsurge. its just a marketing deal to help get people to donate to another organization that isn't there.

dont feed the needy unless you see your money going for what it is.

if they advertise it on tv they make millions.
no better then aol.
aol over priced and they make more money off you by showing you unwanted ads.
if there is ads you shouldn't have to pay. cause they make money displaying them to you.

HeatSurge is nice for those that have money and want to waste on a overpriced heater for the look.
but there is other brands out there.

Posted by hydrogeo1 on 01/11/2009
These heaters are more about safety and asthetics, not enery conservstion. My girlfriend likes it for the safety factor more than anything. Cheaper heaters put out as much heat but they can be dangerous.

If you do put it in your bedroom at night, turn down the temperature and close the door, you will save energy. It helps to have an automatic thermostat too.

Posted by patmoore on 01/17/2009
It DOES NOT work - I put it in my bedroom 12X12 let it run for 3 hrs and it did not heat the room. If your standing in front of the unit it will warm you up, but do not expect any more. It will also cost you $51.00 to mail back and take 4 weeks to get you money returned.
This is a scam

Posted by grfamily on 01/17/2009
Just want to add. Do not use any type of heaters 24/7 that is why your heating bills goes up. We use the heat giant by honeywell and it works really well in Indiana. Only bad side, it only last for 1 year, then the fan fails. The price is around $25.00

Posted by tuots on 01/21/2009
I saw an ad for the Heat Surge in the local paper 1/21/09. Figured it was too good to be true, but decided to Google it for sh!ts and giggles. And boy am I glad I did....I stumbled upon this article, which is filled with some great and amusing commentary. Loved the post from hemroid. I couldn’t resist adding some of my own to it.

"Posted by cpugh on 12/15/2008
We’re an established company with millions of satisfied customers whose focus is to exceed customer expectations."

Millions of satisfied customers yet there are only 4 positive comments total (that I could find) on their blog http://heatsurge.wordpress.com/blog/ and no testimonials at ALL on their main site http://www.heatsurge.com/. There are more comments on THIS article than there are on either of the Heat Surge websites.

One would think with MILLIONS of satisfied customers, they could come up with more than 4 positive testimonials. Just think… If you bought one of these, you might be that lucky ONE in a MILLION satisfied customer. If you happen to be that lucky person, go play the lotto (and don’t forget me when you win please :) ohhh.. and don't forget the Amish.

Posted by desert_sailor2003 on 01/22/2009
It's overpriced even at $279, (the "free" price.)
IF you have a small hard-to-heat room that has a door that closes, that you spend some time in, an electric space heater makes sense. The "Amish" heater has some whistles and bells.. such as a wood cabinet and passable fake fire. That's all you get by paying five times the price of a good 1500 watt heater from Wal-Mart, and if the Wal-Mart one breaks right off, they'll give you a new one. No need to ship it back and wait for weeks or buy a warranty. All electric heaters are 100 percent efficient. The electricity is all converted to heat. It's the simplest electrical appliance ever invented. My biggest turnoff was the obviously deceptive weaselly advertisements. What a crock!

Posted by cny70016 on 01/28/2009
I hope you get your moner back but, not knowing where you live and how cold it gets there, I just hope I have better luck than you for I am waiteing for my stove to come any day.

Posted by Christina on 01/28/2009
My Mom bought one of these, and after reading all the rip off reports, I suggested she cancel. She did, and they said ok, but in the meantime sent more of their ads offering even more "savings". Well, I called them and asked them for a refund, not more ads, and she said ok, give it 4-6 weeks for a refund. I told them they got their money immediately, and I expected the same. She said "Sorry". So, I played phone tag with them for days, as every time I called their computers were "down". Finally I emailed the supposed vice president of the company and told him I was not happy with waiting up to 6 weeks while they collect interest on my Mom's and other peoples money. Much to my surprise a lady wrote me back and said she would get back with me in 24 hours about the check. Having been told BS up to this point, I was not convinced, but gave her a chance. She DID write me back in a day and DID send my Mom's check out. I was VERY surprised, and sure enough, within 4 business days she got the check. I was not thrilled at all with their "customer service" number, but a nice lady named Allison was VERY helpful. So, the story had a happy ending.

Posted by VicvlVic on 01/30/2009
I worked for a company that employed many Amish in Pa., who built Xray film processors for Dupont-thier craftmanship is no better than anyone else, and as far God fearing-I met a few Amish I would ask for ID if they paid cash for something.

In other words,"WHEN YOU HEAR A BARGAIN CALL A COP!":) $250.00-are you nuts, save up and put in a Zero Clearance fireplace amd reall yget some cost effective warmth and a nice selling point to your home.

Posted by easwrt on 02/03/2009
Having read the article and the comments, I have this to say…. it’s an electric heater rated at two power levels, 750 watts (one-half power) and 1500 watts (full power)

Posted by easwrt on 02/03/2009
[finishing what I was saying before the cutoff....] Is it a scam? Yes, but….. only to the seriously energy-illiterate among you and others of plain old substandard literacy. Using an electric heater will only consume more electricity, not less, than you normally use. Is that bad? Not necessarily if you consider the alternatives. As one commenter pointed out, the household consumption of gas, in dollars, went down by $140 and electricity costs increased by $60. This is the true comparison. If you were expecting something else, like magic or a new way to create energy from nothing, you are deluded by your own illiteracy, nothing more. When in doubt, read carefully. The ad I saw said it is an electric fireplace. All else was implied for market appeal (Golly wow! When did that ever get started!) and the price is in line with competitive heaters.

Posted by teddybearpa on 02/04/2009
I got mine a couple of days ago and I'm calling tomorow for my money back!!!! The Flames are neat but the heat.......WHAT heat ?????? A total rip off!!! Save your money people. This id a COLD deal.

Posted by carclinic on 02/21/2009
I baught one of these heaters and was very disapointed in it performance and it ran my electric bill up about 70. 00 a month instead of lowering it these heater are falsley advertized in my opinion R. Butts

Posted by momma2be2004 on 03/05/2009
I recieved my amish heater first week of jan.. had 2 weeks on my current electric billing cycle so when I did get my bill in, I was crying my eyes out, my bill for one month.. 650.00... I have a 1000 square foot home and we used this heater in one room with the door closed and my bill jumped sky high!!!!!!!!!! I sent it back.. got my money back within a week and am using EDENPURE.. I have 2 in my home.. one I bought last year and one I bought to replace the heatsurge.. my bill is already down 300.00 just one month.. normal use with edenpure is 100.00 cheaper a month.. but 300.00 is wonderful.. I will take all the savings I can.. BEWARE OF HEAT SURGE..

Posted by davidgff on 03/30/2009
If it's free, then why do you have to pay for it? And Amish built? Come on! There's a MUG born every day! Next we'll see FEDEX logos on the horse and buggy. They are cheap china made crap. Wake up!

Posted by Rsnook79 on 09/07/2009
I own one and I absolutely love mine. Mine HAS accually helped me save on my electric bills and I recommend that all my friends and family get them. Plus how many times do people get on the internet to tell everyone what a great product they have. NO, they get on here to complain. Plus in the above story...I know first hand they did NOT tell that customer they had to wait 6 months because of the amish...all the Amish do is make the mantels...that's it. Customer service at heat surge handle the returns and the refunds, so HAPPY HEAT SURGE to all

Posted by nizer on 09/08/2009
Thank you for revealing the HEAT SURGE FIRELESS FLAME ridiculous scam. People are so gullible and fall for anything. I am very disappointed that The Daily Progress in Charlottesville would allow the HEAT SURGE FIRELESS FLAME to advertise in their paper and take advantage of their readers. Wake up america!!!!

Posted by info on 09/10/2009
We first looked at these last year. The company has a very aggressive sales technique and the photos in the adverts and the web site are amusing to say the least, some of the best ones have been taken down. It does really insult our intelligence to show them been polished when switched on in the factory, sorry barn. We opted for the Arrowflame electric fireplace logs instead and have been very happy with them.

Posted by mason.kathy on 10/15/2009
I'm going to purchase a second heater/fireplace. I purchased one of these heaters/fireplaces 2 years ago and absolutely love it. Heats a big, very cold room nicely and has worked like a charm from day one. I can't say enough good about them.

Posted by spfdpat on 11/11/2009
Everything this customer said is absolutely true. However, I did return my heater and am hoping that I get my refund before 6 months. I was told it would be within 30 days. We will see. Do not purchase this product and the amish people should do something about it if they are not involved. A law suit would be nice.

Posted by rar.com on 11/20/2009
ALL electric heaters are nearly 100% efficient!
So the Edenpures and Heat Surges of the world are merely VERY over priced space heaters!

Posted by rar.com on 11/20/2009
If you want an electric space heater that won't catch something on fire, buy a oil filled radiator type for $39.95.
ALL 120volt portable space heaters have the SAME
maximum wattage(1500 watts)and the SAME BTU output.
Therefore they ALL use the SAME amount of electricity.

Posted by CHIBBIE on 11/24/2009
Well I watched the commercial very thourghly. The little Ammish men are using power staplers to assemble the cabinets. The Amish dont use electricity. You should know its fraud by watching the commercial.The Amish as I recall dont like being photographed either. The whole thing reeks of fraud and should be removed from the airways. How did they get those actors to dress up for this. I like the one hilarious statement made "miracle asian technology" is used to describe the heater. Made in China is the best way to say cheap. If you bought this piece of crap you have proven how ignorant Americans have become. I hope the Amish truly have not become corrupted by outside influence. I cant believe the actors in the commercial are Amish. They sand against the grain and the wood clamps are holding nothing together. I also believe the men do all the wood work and there are several women in the commercial. Are we that stupid? You got what you deserved a lighter wallet. There was a saying there is a sucker born every minute only in America theres millions of them watching frauduleny infomercials. Next time listen!!!!!

Posted by majorghn on 12/02/2009
Just received my Amish Heat Surge from UPS today. The box was in perfect shape but when I took out the heater the insert (the actual heater) was only fastened down on one side and had shifted in the box knocking the right panels out and cracking one of them!! The side panels are wood but very thin almost like balsa wood and only put in with very thin nails...if the wood was not cracked I might have been able to repair it!!

Waited a week to get it now waiting for the company to e-mail me a shipping label and will have to wait another two weeks to get a replacement heater!! FYI, the actual heater component is made in China and assembled in the USA and the wood added during assembly!! They did a very slipshod job on my heater that's for sure!!

Posted by bmedel on 12/09/2009
I received my heat surge and it never worked properly. The rod that illustrates the flame was grinding. After getting on my stomach to unscrew the bottom panel, I was able to put the rod back into place. 45 minutes later, the grinding started all over again. Since I had the heat surge in my bedroom, I had to turn it off and deal with a cold room. This happened 3 more times until my wife wanted to throw it down the stairs. It will cost me $50.00 to ship it back and another 4 to 6 weeks to get my money back. The wood is beautiful but the heater is not worth a damn.

Posted by keywestbaby20 on 12/15/2009
We have several friends that bought this product and love it. We just got ours and yes it heats however the unit and cabinet are a piece of junk. The cabinet is like veneer. Very cheap. The clunking noise and the shaking of the unit itself is unbearable. On the front their is a huge gap by the glass enclosure and then on the other side a small gap. It was never set right. Definatley not worth all that money. So we are packing it up and shipping it back and hoping for the best.

Posted by goaway65 on 12/25/2009
I emailed this company to find out how efficent this item was, only to be told by preplanned email that turning my thermastat down by 3 degrees will save 35% on my monthly heating bill. This item is a scam and way too many people bought into it, its a glorified space heater people, its for looks. And think about it, the amish make good products but are you going to trust them making (if they really even do) electronics something a true amish person does not use.

Posted by wootz1953 on 12/25/2009
You people are all crepe hangers! I have bought two of the ash fireplaces. They are excellent. They heat my large family room and kitchen so toasty warm I have to turn the settings down on the fireplace. I compared my electric bill with before the fireplace and after and my bill did NOT go up. I have Ohio Edison and it is the highest electric priced company there is. I suggest you read what the BBB (Better Business Bureau says about Heat Surge. They investigated them after reading complaints from negative people like those o this website. They went to the amish areas of Ohio where these Heat Surge products are made. They investigated thoroughly and came back with the FACTS that the fireplaces are made by actual amish not people pretending to be and the fireplaces are good and do work.

Posted by vemrick on 01/04/2010
The Amish do not make the heater. All they do is make the mantel it goes in. Please do not confuse the two. Amish have nothing to do with the heater. You are getting a heater and an Amish made matel (furniture). If you are buying this to heat your home, no, it will not work. Good gad, then go by one from Lowe's for $350.00 and see what you get then.

Posted by Bchntub on 01/05/2010
ow am I glad I decided to research the "Heat Surge" before purchasing. I've wanted one for quite sometime and was ready today to make that call....boy, am I glad I came across these posts!! Thanks for the info, and for saving me from being ripped off!!

Posted by rvlee13 on 01/07/2010
I bought the heat surge March 07, worked great, everyone loves it. We developed a electrical issue, when the unit gets turned off the flames do not go off as they are supposed to, the dimmer for the flames stopped working also, sometimes the flames will rotate backwords. I call heat surge, luckily we were still under warrenty, sent the unit back, my UPS guy says as he is loading into his truck that he has been picking up alot of these things. I know 2 other ppeople with the fireplace and they are having the same problem too. The company is aware of this and they are not telling the customers that purchased them, not good on their part.
When I called to tell them of the problem I was told that once they got my unit back they would be sending out another, now they say it could be 3 weeks or so. But they don't have any problems with these units, BS!!!! They are covering a recall up, and giving "Amish" people a bad rep.

Posted by salsomaggiore on 01/13/2010
Thank you very much for the information about Heat Surge heaters. The ads have blanketed Upstate New York, and I suspected ir was a scam.

I hope you get your money back.

My wife is Mennonite and she said she will not trust the company, either.

Stay well.

Posted by SLURP123 on 01/21/2010

Posted by dhollida on 01/27/2010
Be careful this company has issues with customer service and their product. They have refused to refund me after cancelling an hour after ordering and receiving a cancellation acknowledgement they will not refund my money to me now. Can not get through on the phone or email.

Posted by ddbdrum on 02/25/2010
I ordered a heatsurge fireplace and was very unhappy with it. I was supposed to get a free remote with it. After several phone calls

Posted by jmck72craft on 02/27/2010
How I wish I had seen this site before I purchased 2 of these heaters. Although one has worked okay I am now returning the other one for the second time. Can't get a refund. Just glad I did sign up for the extended warranty. If you make the mistake of ordering these be sure to go to go for the warranty because you will need it. While I was without one for awhile I bought a much cheaper better built one at a local store. Digital thermostat setting and many things the Heatsurge doesn't offer. Not as pretty but works much better! My advice-don't but Heatsurge.

Posted by taliauli on 03/24/2010
DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE FIREPLACES!!! I bought one and the damn thing didn't work, they didn't have a problem replacing the fireplace. They sent me the second one and it worked for about 5 min. then wouldn't come back on. They sent me the third one and it worked for 2 hrs. and shut off then continuously beeped. Now they want me to pay for the shipping back to the company. I have been speaking to the supervisor and she is a total bitch who doesn't even want to help me. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE FIREPLACES!!!!

Posted by robarnold101 on 04/05/2010
My mother in law, who is 87, recently purchased one of these heaters. Within a week, the artificial flame stopped working. She contacted them, but they, so far, refuse to do anything about it until she produces her husband's death certificate (he died about 20 years ago). This is starting to sound like a scam on top of a scam. I plan to asked the Consumer Affairs Division of the state Attorney General of Missouri was well as the one in the state where these people have their business for an investigation.

Posted by h3lo7bwfc42fhal on 04/23/2010
It never fails to amaze, how gullible people are. Remember these 2 homilies: 'If it seems to good to be true, it probably is,' and 'you'll never get something for nothing.'

just memorise those two little facts that you SHOULD've learned as a child.

Do I feel bad for any of these chumped?



Because he was expecting something to be true that they TELL you is true.

Anytime you hear one of these 'bargain' pitches, take some time. CHECK out the FACTS before you give them a PENNY.

Posted by goist2 on 10/07/2010
I love the Heat surge.. 1.the ad says it will Heat your room on REGULAR setting for 9 Cents an HOUR>> and 15 Cents on High. IT tells you they will refund all money in 30 days except the shipping. Most of the time people just dont read the article well enough and dont ask the questions they need to to understand what they are ordering.3. If you have an issue about the cost of shipping talk to UPS not heatsurge, UPS Mails them.All I know is they keep my aching joints from aching and I love them.

Posted by dcbowmac on 11/12/2010
The Amish only craft the wood.. they are not selling the units fyi~

Posted by shadowcat on 11/22/2010
I purchased one of these units used. I made a mistake. I like the flame display very much but the heating element went out about 5 days after I first fired it up and there is no such thing as a parts dept in this company. this is a diposable fireplace unit. spend your money on something else is my opinion.

Posted by rcalbin2 on 01/09/2011
Agree 100%!

Don’t buy the Heat Surge, or any similar infrared heater, unless you’re buying it for its novelty – an electric fireplace in a nice piece of woodwork.

Regarding it’s use as an alternative heat source, it can be no more efficient than any other 1500 watt radiant heater – which you can buy in any WalMart (and elsewhere) for $20-$100. Properly used as a mobile heat source to heat just the room you’re in, any of these will significantly reduce your energy costs in the winter.

You only have to dress warmly, close vents to other rooms, and close off those rooms, and dial down your thermostat to 60 degrees, or less, and use your portable radiant heater in the room your in. Also, use a humidifier to dramatically increase your heating efficiency, as well as seal up all windows and door openings.

You’ll have to use your “Amish-Made Infrared Heater” for many, many years to ever pay for it with reduced energy usage in the winter. And… you’ll still have to use the other techniques I describe above. But… you can pay for the other types of radiant heaters I noted above, in only a month, or two.

This is a “no-brainer” for anyone with a brain! Check out the many other, similar reviews and comments on other web sites.

If you want one, at it’s lofty price, as a novelty in your family room – fine.

Just don’t buy one of these heaters if you’re expecting to save money, because you won’t – when you consider the cost of the heater. And… not at all… if you don’t take the other measures I mention above.

Posted by joyceemoy on 01/22/2011
Thanks so much for the input. I was really thinking of getting one for my den but when I read the 1500 watts forget it. Thanks for all the comments. They can keep the heater and the money is in my pocket still.

Posted by schlenk on 02/03/2011
We have bought 3 and absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!! No problems and do exactly what they say on top of being beautiful. Power bill has barely raised at all running two of them practically non stop and have dramatically cut our propane usage!!!

Posted by nelsontia64 on 03/19/2011
Please check the cord to see if it's getting hot, it melted the wires in my outlet and almost started a fire. my mother in law has had problems too. please don't leave it running when your not home or while sleeping. I am going to see if there is a recall on them. scary.

Posted by nelsontia64 on 03/22/2011
I use to love these heaters, my mother in law has bought like 5, she has some in her house I have two in my new house. well they started flipping the breakers off. so the other day I was getting ready to leave the house, I felt the cord it was very hot so I unplugged it. when I got home I went to plug it in and I didn't have any power, so I checked the breaker, it was on so my husband looked at the outlet, it was black, he took the outlet out and looked at it, the back of the outlet was melted and it melted the wires in the wall. after I had already unplugged it, it continued to melt. I called heatsurge amish fireplaces and they admited that they have had other people complain about it arcing and melting the wires in the wall. almost causing a fire. They are refunding my money and I am sending them back. Please do not leave these units plugged in a night while your sleeping or when your not home. only plug into an outlet by itself. check cord often to see if it's getting hot. there are no recalls but I image there will be soon. I am going to report it to safety comission to investigate. I am going to incure the cost of fixing my wireing now, but at least my house did not burn down. please be careful with this product.

Posted by jerickson004 on 12/05/2012
Had Heatsurge for less than a year and it quit working.Called helpline and got it working again for a week. Then it quit for good. Called EIGHT times to get a new insert. It still hasn't showed up and the warrenty is about to run out. I believe they're dragging their feet till it's too late. The heating bill is astromical. I would highly recomend to NOT buy this piece of crap.

Posted by cindahu on 01/20/2014
I think ONLY the mantle is Amish made. The actual heat unit has a big sticker that says "made in China" I don't think there are very many Chinese Amish...just sayin'

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