Direct tv Complaint

Hackers using directv to fraud regular costumers

- Oklahoma

Someone that I know told me a guy who claimed to be a worker from DirecTV told him that he would be able to have direcTV channels for one year payment of only 365 dollars for being a customer from direcTV, he accepted the deal and the guy on the phone told him if he refers to a friend he'll get a 100 refund, so he told me about it and I decided to make a switch (which by the way I've been a Dish Network customer for more than 5 years now).

I didn't cancel my regular program, just because I thought that deal was too good to be true, but I still called him. As I was talking talking to him he just kept telling me about how good the service was and how much I would save from my current satellite provider, after a 20 minutes I agree to buy the deal, he told me since I was going to be a new customer I they will going to charge me 100 dollars more for installation, which I thought it was ok, for a total of 465 dollars, one payment for one year. They promise me a package of 180 channels and HBO with Cinemax with 2 HD-DVR recivers and a SD recivers, a total of 3, but the funny part was that they didn't ask me for a credit card or debit card, they ask me for some sort of gift card by the name of Green dot moneyPak, which I thought it was weird at the time, but did not care. After I did that, a guy came to my house, installation was done, and the first thing I notice it was that the channels they promise me weren't there, I only had 108 channels and Showtime, I called the guy (with a number that told me to call, also didn't bother to search about it at the time) and someone else answer saying that he was out to a cigar, so I told the guy that the service I was promise wasn't really there, he said that he'll fix it, and after a few minutes I had all the channels, I was confuse but I thought it was really cool and all, three days later DirecTV called me saying that I owned them around 65 dollars I was confuse so I told the lady the story I was promise and she said that I may want to contact them again to make sure, so once again I called him and another guy called telling the same story of him being out smoking a cigar. I told the guy about it, and said they'll fix it, after a few minutes, the billed was blank again, but I notice something funny, every time I called them they kept changing my e-mail and password, I was kind of confuse about it, so I decided to call direcTV directly and told them the story, they told me that they never had such a package and I only upgrated to the most expensive package available in DirecTV. I got really upset about it so I told him that I wanted to cancel everything, not caring about the money, I just wanted out. The guy told me that I was on a 2 year contract since I had the DVR's which is kind of weird, cause I don't remember no 2 year contract, so I told the guy I just wanted the cheapest package so I didn't have to pay so much, on a total of 65 per month, and I called the guy who gave me the contract and the number didn't longer excist, after a few days I got all the channels again without my concern, and my e-mail address was changed once again, so I called DirecTV telling them about everything that happened they only said they were sorry but that I couldn't cancel it easily since I sign an agreement, which apperantly was with the guy that came and make me sign a paper that he only told me was to allow him to install direcTV antenna and recivers, he never told me about the 2-year contract, then I told the guy that I never gave any social and the card I pay with, they didn't asnwer me about the social for the 2 year, but they did say I pay with a credit card and told me that I supposly paid about 600 dollars the first time for installation and I only paid 465 dollars for everything I was supposly promised, that's when I notice the fraud and told them I wasn't going to pay anything until they found out how I pay and where actually was the transaction done, they said they were going to the investigation and they'll called me again within 5 business days, I never got a call back and the service was cut soon after. I put back my old service and still waiting for an answer from direcTV and I still haven't pay for anything.

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