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Guilty until proven innocent: - Claims processing

- Pasadena, Ca

I had my WaMu ATM card skimmed in Mexico (where I live) and the person made 5 withdrawals totaling $2,000 US Dollars in a city four hours from where I live. I called my bank when I saw the transactions online and made a fraud report. My claim has been denied 3 times over the last month and the rejetion letter states that I "authorize the person who made the transactions to use my account". First of all, how did they come to that conclusion?? And how could they possibly conduct a thorough investigation in less than 24, which is how long it took them to send the first reection letter after I filed the claim. I have talked to about 10 customer service representatives, 5 supervisors of the claims department and have sent a signed affidavit, a 4 page letter of what happened, contact information for other peope in my area who had the same thing happen to them on the same days at the same ATM machine where I last withdrew money, plus a police report. And I keep getting the same rejection letter. One supervisor asked me to provide proof that I was in the city I live in while the transactions occurred. They have asked me to provide more information, more evidence. I have given them all I can. I asked why they didn't freeze my account or notify me when they saw 5 large transactions being made 4 days in a row...they had no comment. And to top it off, the person who had taken money out, left me in the negative and I incurred $120 in overdraft charges plus an email from my bank saying that they would report me to a credit agency if I didn't make a deposit to get out of the negative. I am beyond frustrated and cannot believe that the bank that is supposed to protect my money is not treating me, a victim of ATM fraud as guilty until proven innocent. At this point I am ready to take them to court.

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Posted by minmoore33 on 07/16/2009
We are doing a documentary about Wamu/Chase customers who have been wronged by the bank. if you are interested in being a part of this- please contact me @ minmoore33@gmail.com

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