Mannington Floors Complaint

Grossly defective flooring sold to disabled individual - Mannington Gold Vinyl Flooring

- 3265 Newport Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94598

I had a Mannington Gold vinyl floor installed in our kitchen. The floor has shrunk at least 2" and is extensively and dangerously warped, especially for someone who is physically disabled. Mannington refused to replace the floor under the warranty, blaming the installation.
If you look at various internet complaint sites you will find many individuals who were sold this defective product.
Every flooring contractor who has seen the floor states that this was a known to be defective product and Mannington's refusal to honor the warranty indicates a total lack of integrity and honesty. Please come and look at my floor, one picture is worth a thousand words. This Mannington "GOLD" flooring is hideous, dangerous, and disgraceful. Look at my floor and then look at their web site for an example of pure hypocrisy.

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