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A salesman came to our door yesterday, Oct 27. He represented Grillmasters Meat Co. and was selling a six box package of frozen steaks and Angus Beef patties. The boxes contained sealed plastic packages of filet mignon, filets, strip steaks, sirloins, ribeyes and Angus beef patties. They actually looked good. He told us about the company history of selling quality meats and how much better their product is than what you can get in the grocery stores. Actually, I think he said, "You won't get anthing like this in a grocery store". He was right about that. He told us how he and his daughter enjoyed eating the strip steaks at least once or twice a week. He stressed that customer satisfaction is guaranteed and provided us with a phone number to call if for any reason we were not satisfied. He did not bother to tell us that you can never get your money back. He told us that Grillmasters would make sure we were satisfied. He told us the company would not accept checks only credit or debit cards. I now think this is so you can't easily stop payment like you can with a check. We bought the six box package for $140.00 and promptly put them in the freezer while the salesman was running our credit card and getting an approval code. The next day, Oct 28, at lunch my wife and I decided to try the steaks we had purchased and we each ate a filet mignon. We had started a new diet and ate only the steaks, no salad or baked potatoes or any thing else. We noticedd a different taste to the meat but thought maybe the meat had been seasoned or perhaps that the bacon had given the meat a different taste. Almost immediately after eating we both began to have upset stomachs which progressed on to nausea and vomiting. We had felt fine before the meal and recovered after vomiting. I am so thankful that we didn't wait and serve any of this meat for dinner. OUr five year old grandson lives with us and no telling what this could have done to him. I called the number provided by the salesman which was also on the sales pamphlet. I was told that the manager was out to lunch and would call me back as soon as he returned. By three o'clock he still had not returned my call, so I called again. After airing my complaint about the steaks making us sick, he finally retuned my call. We thought they would want to know if their product was making people sick. I told him we thought the meat was bad and wanted our money back. I told him that I would pay for the two filet mignons but wanted a refund for the rest of the meat we purchased. He said we would never get our money back but they would exchange the meat for us. I informed the manager that the last thing I wanted was more bad meat which had already made us sick. We were a little gun shy by then. He even told me that if he ate food that made him sick he wouldn't want any more of it either, but he still would not give our money back. We looked on the internet (just Googled Grillmasters Meat Co)and found numerous poor ratings for this company and its products. We even found a complaint from one man who said he purchased chicken strips and one turned out to be breaded saran wrap and other strips had bits of bone in them. Others told of the salesmen hitting their cars with the Grillmasters company truck and then the company didn't have insurance on the vehicles. Grillmasters apparently sells seafood too, but there was nothing but complaints about it being unfit to eat. Their rating overall was one star, but most people said if they could have given a zero they would have. I wish we had looked at these ratings before we bought anything from them.
I think this company should be made to refund peoples money or at least be exposed so other unsuspecting people won't end up as their victims. We spent $140.00 other people spent over $300.00 and with the same results. Just making a living and being able to feed your family is is hard enough without getting cheated by disreputable business people. I can't believe that someone would knowingly sell food that makes people sick and that they will eventually end up throwing out because it's not fit for human consumption. So Please Beware, Grillmasters Meat Co of Dallas can't be trusted.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by rc4269 on 02/23/2010
I have eaten many of these steaks and chicken and they were great. I think this is a person who used to work for their and now is in competition with them...

Posted by vm_boy on 07/13/2010
I had an even worse situation regarding this company. A man and his son approached me while I was outside my house. They got out of their truck and began giving me their schpiel about why their meat was so good. He would give us this great deal for only $140. Then my wife came outside and he began giving the same schpiel. My wife then asked if he could give us some time to think it over...maybe he could come back after his next delivery. He asked, "what is there to think about?" My wife walked off since he clearly wasn't going to let us go easy. In response to her walking off, he called her ignorant and stupid.

That was it for me. I told the guy not to call my wife ignorant. He continued to call her a bitch and other such words. He continued to yell expletives at us. I began walking in the house until he called us "fuckers" or "fucking idiots" (excuse the French, but know that I am quoting the salesman here). I began walking back to him in his truck while he flipped me off (in front of his son, don't forget) with my hands up like "what the heck are you doing?" and I said, "don't call me a fucker."

He then got out of his truck began jumping up and down saying, "What f***er, you want to fight?" (seriously he said that), as he began walking around the truck. I said, "Dude, I'm not going to fight you."

He then rambled off some more expletives as he got back in the truck. He drove off flipping me off. My wife told me to get the license plate number so I ran after him and said, "Hey, I want some meat, fucker" (again, sorry for the language, but I'm sure you understand my anger at this point, and since I quoted him, it's only fair that I quote myself.) He promptly slammed his brakes and after a slight pause began going again. Fortunately, I wasn't able to get his number, but I can at least tell the story and prevent a similar situation from occuring again.

Moral of the story: Don't buy anything from Grillmaster's Meat. If they approach you to sell it, get the driver's license, name, number, license plate, etc. before you start talking to him.

Again, I apologize for the language, but I believe it's a fair description of what occured.

Posted by kenny.arthur on 08/06/2010
Food poisoning doesn't set in "almost immediately" after you have eaten. So many people blame others for their food poisoning when most of the time it is their own personal lack of hygiene or improper cooking procedures. I'm not saying Grillmasters is a great company, product or whatever. I just know that a foodborne illness takes a minimum of 3 hours to set in(usually 6 to 12).

Posted by pc72 on 02/03/2013
I have been throwing up and having diarrhea from their products for the past 24 hours. I have been sick 3 times in the last two months due to their horrible "food." I am just glad I finally figured it out. I always thought the meat tasted funny and about half the time I wouldn't get sick so it took awhile to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Do not buy anything from them unless you enjoy sitting on the toilet with a barf bag strapped to your face!

Posted by Mlt1862 on 08/15/2014
A Grillmasters salesman was just arrested in front of my house. Apparently he had warrants and had been selling door-to-door without a permit. My only experience was negative with this company. Guy stopped outside my house, engaged me in conversation and gave his sales pitch. When I said no, he yelled "Well f* you!" and sped off.

Posted by good on 09/01/2015
These complaints.are from people who can't cook.or other wholesale steak companies.

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