Greater North Tree service Complaint

Promises and promises but never a delivery - Landscaping, Tree trimming, planting, etc.

- Saint Cloud, mn

3 years ago I hired Greater North tree service to remove some dead standing trees and I purchase 9 new trees for them to plant. 7 12' tall birch bunches and 2 Autumn blaze maples about the same size. They provided a 1 year warranty on the trees.

When they planted them it took 2 days to get all the trees in and it happened to be the 2 hottest days of the year. The new trees were very stress but he though we should plant them and see how they did. He said, "Don't worry, I'll replace them if they die."

Within a few weeks all the leaves fell off of the two maples and some leaves were falling off the birch. I call Bill the owner of Greater North Tree service and he said let's wait and see what happens.

Eventually, the maples did start budding and leafing out again. But, in just 3 more weeks it was fall and the leaves were falling off again. Bill called me and said to be sure to let him know how they fair in the spring.

The next spring, he called me. The birch trees seemed fine (these were all planted the first day). Only a couple small branches were dead.

The maples started budding out and there was a significant amount of dead branches. Bill continued to say, let's wait and see and don't worry, I'll replace them if they die.

The maple trees just looked sick all summer long with the leaves not really getting to a normal size. Again, Bill said in the fall, let's wait and see.

The next spring the maples were in bad shap. One tree was at least have dead on one side, the other at least 3/4 was dead. I called bill and he said, "I guess we're going to have to replace them." He said he would be there is a week or so to get it taken care or.

That was well over a year ago. I call him every couple weeks and he tells me he doesn't see any reason why he can't get to it the next week. Then never shows up. At one point last fall, he called me (on Monday) and told me he was going to plant them on the next Thursday. I was out of town that day but came back the next to find it was never done.

He called me at another point and had a great idea. He would trim up the dead on the problem trees and plant 2 trees in another location if I wanted. He was just going to pull the trees and throw them away anyway so, why not.

They never showed up to do that either.

Now one tree is half dead and the other almost completely and only has about 10-15 leaves on it.

He always seems to have an excuse. He has plenty of time to work on the Wobegon trail, work for the DNR on projects, City of Sartell and St. Cloud, St. Joseph, Sauk Rapids, etc.

I had originally given his name to friends and family that needed some tree work done or trees planted, etc. Yet, I can't get the trees replaced that I bought 3 years ago. These trees were about $450 each and I would like either my money back or the trees replaced.

I paid him in good faith and only would expect a good faith effort for him to provide what he promised.

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